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Price Update: Acer F1, L1 and C1

November 19, 2009

Acer has 3 new smartphone models up it’s sleeves. Some quick specification and pricing.

Acer F1 (S200 – neoTouch)

  • RM2,399
  • 5.0MP Autofocus Camera with flash
  • 3.8″ WVGA screen
  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Qualcomm 8250, 1GHz
  • 512MB/256MB
  • Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Accelerometer
  • Light Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor

Acer L1 (E200 – beTouch)

  • RM1,599 
  • 3.0MP camera
  • 3.0″ WQVGA screen
  • Qualcomm 7225, 528MHz
  • 512MB/256MB
  • Bluetooth + GPS
  • Numeric Keypad

Acer C1 (E100 – beTouch)

  • RM1,499
  • 2MP camera
  • 3.2″ WQVGA camera
  • Qualcomm 7225, 528MHz
  • 512MB/256MB
  • Bluetooth + GPS

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New Price: Acer PDA Price Update!

August 27, 2009

Acer Logo

Today Acer reviewed their pricing of their PDA. Below are the new pricing!

Acer DX900 – RM1,899

Acer DX650 – RM1,299

Acer X960 – RM1,499

Acer F900 – RM2,099

Acer M900 – RM2,399

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We are on Twitter!

July 18, 2009

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Come join in 🙂


Screenshots: Samsung Omnia II (i8000)

July 13, 2009

Samsung Logo

I had the chance last week to play with Samsung latest smartphone; Samsung Omnia 2 aka i8000. I must admit the new Samsung Touch Wiz Interface is just AWESOME! The scroll is smooth, functional, predictable and surprisingly nice to look at. There were lots of additional softwares added by Samsung too.

Nothing like the previous Samsung Omnia. I was also told it will be priced somewhere around RM2,599 (head on with HTC Touch Diamond 2).

Stay tuned for the followup review on the actual units of more screen shots and pictures!


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News: Windows Mobile 6.5 to have SMS Sync

July 6, 2009

Windows Mobile Logo

Windows Exchange Server 2010 will bring a lot of new features to Windows Mobile for those that use the service. Some of the reported new features are

  • conversation for email
  • message preview
  • device-end rule creation (currently only server side)
  • SMS sync!

Imagine all your SMS intact when you switch devices. Something which I will absolutely love. Ofcourse, the only problem is that, I don’t run Windows Exchange Server 😦 Perhaps Google can offer something similar for free?

Below is a screen shot of the SMS sync option on an Xperia running Windows Mobile 6.5

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Upcoming: HTC Hero Android Phone

June 24, 2009

google android logo htc_logo

It’s official! HTC Hero is officially launched at London today. It is HTC’s third Android based phone and I am certainly impressed with the new all improved “HTC Touch FLO” for android. They now call it the HTC Sense ™.

HTC Hero


  • Qualcomm 528 MHz processor
  • 3.2-inch 230×480 touch-screen TFT-LCD display
  • ROM: 512 MB      RAM: 288 MB
  • 5MP Camera with Auto-focus
  • GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Trackball with Enter function

They even have a Facebook Page created for the HTC Hero.


Stay tuned for more hands-on review of the HTC Hero!

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News: HTC pledges allegiance to Windows Mobile

June 13, 2009


Despite being the world’s first mobile phone maker to launch an Android-based handset, HTC still favours Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

Frédéric Tassy, Grand Fromage of HTC France and Benelux, was recently asked whether he thought 2009 will be Android’s year. And although he thinks that, yes, this will be the year Android really takes off, the executive nonetheless stressed HTC’s close ties with Windows Mobile.

“We will always have more flagship products on Windows Mobile,” Tassy told French-language website Mobinaute. “Our best selling smartphone in Europe is also the HTC Touch HD [which uses] Windows Mobile.”

He also claimed many other handset makers will announce Android handsets – but fail to deliver their offerings on time.

“I think there will be a lot of bluffing, with products that are likely to be delayed,” he alleged.

Tassy claimed it was “hard to say” how many Android smartphones HTC will have launched by the end of this year. However, pictures were recently leaked online of a device widely thought to be the firm’s third Android-based device. ®

Sourced from: Register Hardware

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News: HTC Snap is out now!

June 12, 2009


Price: RM1,599


  • Qualcomm® MSM 7225™, 528 MHz
  • Windows Mobile® 6.1 Standard
  • ROM: 256 MB   RAM:192MB
  • 116.5 X 61.5 X 12.0 mm (120g)
  • 2.4-inch TFT-LCD with LED back light and QVGA resolution
  • GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • 2.0MP Camera without focus
  • 1,500 mAH Battery
  • Talk time: 510 minutes (GSM)
  • Standby: 380 hours (GSM)

Stay tuned to our follow-up in-depth review of the device.

If you have more enquiries, please contact anyone of us.

Plaza Low Yat (Grd Floor)

  • Kelvin @ 012-3332303
  • Ji Hou @ 016-6379332

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  • Kenny @ 012-2527718
  • Khuen Fatt @ 016-9975211

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  • Nicolas @ 017-3362472

Or simply email us at

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News: Fresh Gear Low Yat Plaza Outlet Renovation

May 18, 2009

FG Logo

To all valued customers,

Our outlet at Plaza Low Yat ground floor is moving to an adjacent lot (G-31). We will be taking over the previous Famous Amos retail lot and renovation is expected to take 7 days starting today (18th May 2009).

During this period, our land line number 03-21480399 will not be available. However, we are placing a temporary shelve near the renovation site to support our existing customers. So, if you need help or want to purchase something, do drop by.

You can contact anyone of us who are there.

Ji Hou – 016-6379332

Kelvin Tham – 012-3332302



News: U Mobile Launch New Service – U Buddy!

May 1, 2009

U Mobile Logo


Starting 1st May 2009 until 31st December 2009, U Mobile Postpaid subscriber can sign up for a new Value Added Service (VAS) – U Buddy. Pay RM10 a month and get 30 hours ON-NET FREE local calls. This new U Buddy service is launched after they terminated the FREE CALL service back in 1st April 2009.  Technically to me, this is NOT free anymore since I have to pay an extra RM10.

Supplementary Line – U10

Supplementary line is now available on U Mobile network. Each supplementary line is charged only RM10 access fee and there is a maximum of 4 supplementary lines per subscriber. Please note that the RM10 access fee is NOT commitment fee whereby it cannot be used to deduct call/sms charges.

However, supplementary line(s) can share the commitment fee with principal line. Meaning, if principal line pays RM68/month and have 2 supplementary lines, the total payment to U Mobile is RM88 and all 3 lines can share the RM68 commitment fee. Of course, if the total call charges is more than RM68, then they will have to pay the extra also. RM68 is NOT the cap charges as many has mistaken as.

One weird thing is, calls made between supplementary and principal lines are not free. Supplementary lines are charges 0.3sen/second and 0.5sen/second for ON-NET and OFF-NET calls respectively. 

What’s more, postpaid subscriber is also given a 50% discount on their commitment AND access fee on every 6th month bill. Go calculate 🙂

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