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Upcoming: MWg Zinc II

January 25, 2008

As mentioned earlier, MWg will be launching 2 new models; MWg Atom V and MWg Zinc II in early Q1 of 2008. This is the O2 Zinc replacement model.

MWg Zinc II Front MWg Zinc II Front Keyboard MWg Zinc II Side

Form factor: Slider
Dimensions: 109.5 x 59 x 17.5 mm
Primary display resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
Networks: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900 (Quadband)
Connectivity options: 3G, HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS/GSM, USB, EDGE
Messaging features: SMS, MMS, Predictive text input, Email, Instant message
Built-in digital camera: Yes
Maximum camera resolution: 2 megapixels
Operating system: Windows Mobile 6
Main processor speed: Samsung 500 MHz
Expansion option(s): TransFlash/microSD

Overall, the outlook looks rather classy and its 1.5mm thinner than HTC Tytn II and a faster processor too. Again, like the MWg Atom V, the lack of RAM memory is a real damper to this nice looking PDA.

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Upcoming: MWg Atom V

January 25, 2008

Words are out that MWg will be releasing 2 new handhelds. One of them will be the O2 Atom/Exec replacement model named MWg Atom V. Pricing is currently not confirmed.MWg Atom V 1MWg Atom V 2Specification:Dimensions: 116 x 59 x 14.95 mmPrimary display resolution: 240 x 320 pixelsNetworks: Quadband GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900Connectivity options: 3G, HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS/GSM, USB, EDGEMessaging features: SMS, MMS, Predictive text input, Email, Instant messageBuilt-in digital camera: YesMaximum camera resolution: 3 megapixelsAdditional multimedia features: FM RadioOperating system: Windows Mobile 6Main processor type: Marvell PXA270 (520MHz)RAM/ROM: 64 MB/256MBExpansion option(s): TransFlash/microSDGeneral specification looks interesting with GPS and 3G. It’s only 1mm thicker than the HTC Touch with so much function thrown in. However, the low 64MB RAM really is a damper!What do you think? Leave us a comment.

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Fresh Gear Brochure Jan 2008

January 25, 2008

Fresh Gear January 2008 edition brochure is out now. Grab a copy from any of our outlets today! You can also download the electronic version from our website here.

Fresh Gear Brochure Jan 2008

For more information on the latest promotions, go to our main website.

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Footage: Hit me on my iPhone

January 24, 2008

This video is so funny I had to share this. 🙂 Anyone have anything similar?

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MacBook Air (MB003ZP/A)- RM6,299

January 22, 2008

MacBook Air

It is official! The SRP pricing for the thinnest laptop in the world is RM6,299. It will be officially available in about 2 to 3 weeks as it is currently awaiting SIRIM approval now according to sources.

 Click here for more information on MacBook Air.


1. H: 0-4cm to 1.94cm, W: 32.4cm, D: 22.7cm

2. Weight: 1.36kg

3. 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

4. 2GB Memory

5. 80GB HDD

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Updates: Latest Version of iTunes, QuickTime and iMovie Updates

January 17, 2008

Apple have just released the latest updates for the following application.

iTunes – Version 7.6 (44.7MB)

Rent and download your favorite movies with iTunes on your computer or directly to your living room on Apple TV. Enjoy rented movies in sizes up to 720p HD with surround sound on your Apple TV and sizes up to DVD-quality on your computer. Transfer your rented movies from iTunes to your iPod or iPhone and enjoy them on the go.

Also, purchase and download your favorite TV shows, music, and more directly on your Apple TV. Effortlessly transfer purchases made on Apple TV back to your computer with iTunes.

QuickTime – Version 7.4 (53.3MB)

QuickTime 7.4 addresses security issues and delivers:
– Numerous bug fixes
– Support for iTunes

This release is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.

For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

iMovie Update – Version 7.1.1 (16.9MB)

This update addresses issues when publishing movies to a .Mac Web Gallery, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues.

To update, just click on ‘Apple logo’ –> ‘Software Update…’ on your Mac computer.

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Macworld 2008 – Apple Keynote Highlights

January 16, 2008

Click here to watch the keynote in Quicktime.

Macbook Air

  • World thinnest notebook
  • USD1,699 (Est RM5,999) to USD3,098 (Est RM10,999)
  • 0.76 inches at the thickest part, and just 0.16 inches at the thinnest
  • It weighs 3 pounds, comes with 2GBs of memory standard
  • 13.3-inch display, and it’s LED backlit
  • Intel’s Core 2 Duo, running at 1.6GHz standard, optional 1.8GHz.
  • Built-in iSight camera
  • Multitouch gesture support that expands upon the gesture support already present in MacBooks.
  • It’s got a 1.8-inch 80GB hard drive, with the option of a “pricey” 64GB solid-state drive.
  • More information here

New iPhone features Updated via iTunes

  • Maps with location (partnership between Apple, Google and Skyhook Wireless)
  • Customize the home screen (web pages, applications, etc)
  • Send text messages to multiple people
  • Support lyrics from songs you’re listening to

iPod Touch

  • Adding five applications to the iPod Touch (Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes, and Weather)
  • Wi-Fi as the Maps triangulation
  • Customize the iPod Touch just like the iPhone
  • Note: It’s now built in to every iPod Touch, but older iPod Touch users will have to pay $20 for the features.


  • iTunes Movie Rentals (Touchstone, Miramax, MGM, Lionsgate, and New Line Cinema are involved, plus Fox, Warner, Disney, Paramount, Universal, and Sony)
  • In February, Apple will launch with 1,000 films. But the company had to make a concession: Apple won’t get them until 30 days after the DVD release. The movies can be watched anywhere, on any device. You can watch them instantly, they download as you start watching. You have 30 days to watch the movie after you download it, but only 24 hours to watch it after you start the movie.
  • Library titles will cost $2.99. New releases will cost $3.99. You can also transfer movies to an iPod from your Mac or PC right in the middle of watching them.

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Upcoming: Windows Mobile 7

January 16, 2008

Multitouch next step for Microsoft?





Microsoft is currently developing Windows Mobile 7, the first revolutionary change to its mobile device operating system. Recently, I was given a document by a source inside Microsoft that details the touch and gesture plans for Mobile 7. This document is a confidential internal use only document, used to explain the plans for Mobile 7, and contains well over a hundred pages of designs, ideas, and changes to the way we interact with our mobile devices.

Below, you’ll find over 3,000 words detailing my notes from the document. I can’t publish the document here, at least not until after the product is announced, to protect my sources. I will provide the document to trusted journalists in order to share and show proof of this information. If there is anything I leave out, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will try to provide a screenshot or answer.

The document appears to be from the past summer, and some of the details may change before the product is announced. However, the touch and gesture plans appear to be set in stone, and will be the focus of Windows Mobile 7.

Gestures shown include in music or a slideshow, shaking the phone left or right to go to the previous or next song or photo, and shaking the phone in order to shuffle it. Here’s an image, which may only be a mockup, or it is showing us what Windows Media Player will look like on Windows Mobile 7, as well as the picture viewer:


As you see, Media Player has an emphasis on album art along with other cool visual elements. Also notice the ever-present battery and signal strength indicators have been placed inside the soft key buttons at the bottom of the screen, saving screen real estate and making them a lot cooler.

Another gesture: When pressing the directional pad down in a full-screen media application, such as a photo application, you can move the device forward and backward to zoom in and out of the image.

The web browser will incorporate gestures for back and forward actions. Here’s an image:


Notice the differences in Internet Explorer. The interface is simpler and much nicer, with just an address bar and go button, the web page is a desktop version, just like on the iPhone, and the browser has tabbed browsing, used by gesturing through a series of graphical thumbnails. This is very impressive.

An example of the screen showing a transition from the device being asleep to awake:


As you see, it’s a very nice and detailed, but subtle graphical transition. Microsoft never cared about transitions before, but it looks like Windows Mobile 7 will be different.

There’s also a part talking about allowing the user to “doodle” on the screen (their word, not mine), letting users draw doodles on the device lock screen, as well as shake the screen to affect the wallpaper (like making water run, or blurring an image). The iPhone’s lock screen is an iconic part of the device, and Microsoft wants to have a cool lock screen without copying Apple, so the plan is to give you fun things to do on the lock screen.

Here’s a screenshot of Outlook’s inbox:


Also shown is flicking and swiping through an unnamed maps application, based on Windows Live Maps, and flicking based on the velocity of the user’s finger. Other types of finger gestures include the use of spinners and sliders, and unrestricted omni-directional movement.

A screenshot of panning in the maps application:


Those arrows on the sides of the screen are shown as being used in all applications

Above entry taken from here

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Upcoming: HTC Touch Cruise_Polaris

January 15, 2008

HTC Polaris

The much awaited HTC Touch Cruise is causing some interest among the PDA community. We have compiled information gathered from different sources.

Key Specifications:

  • 400MHz Qualcomm MSM7200 processor
  • 128MB RAM / 256MB ROM
  • FM Radio
  • 3MP camera
  • GPS
  • Dimension : 104 mm (L) X 58 mm (W) X 16 mm (T)
  • 2.8″ QVGA screen
  • 124g (With battery)
  • Scroll wheel and d-pad, scroll wheel similar to iPod’s Clickwheel
  • 3G, HSDPA, Wi-Fi

Whats in the box?

  • Device
  • Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Pouch
  • User Manual
  • Read Me First
  • Car charger
  • Car holder
  • 1GB microSD card with MapKing R12 pre-loaded
  • MapKing SN sticker
  • MapKing user manual
  • Stylus x2
  • Wired Stereo headset
  • EULA declaration
  • MS Companion CD (ActiveSynch & Outlook 2007 trial version )
  • Application CD
    • MapKing R12 +User Manual
    • WorldCard Mobile+User Manual(S/N on ACD envelope)
    • CE-Star+User Manual(S/N on ACD envelope)
    • Sprite Backup
    • GPRS Monitor

Expected arrival date: 31st Jan 2008

Expected SRP price: RM2899 to RM2999

Pre-order now at

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Tips: Easily Charge your iPhone on an unpaired Mac

January 14, 2008

Sometimes it can be very annoying to have to go through the whole “this iPhone is synced with another computer…” business every time an iPhone is plugged in a Mac which is not paired with previously.

One quick way to prevent this from happening: just use set a passcode in your iPhone settings screen. Then, when you plug it in, iTunes will give you a single dialogue letting you know it can’t connect until you enter the code. Dismiss the dialogue, and you’ve got a charge-only setup.

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