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Hack: Asus P750 hacked to run at VGA resolution

March 24, 2008

A few days ago some enterprising Russian Asus fans discovered that instead of official QVGA 240×320 px screen, Asus P750 communicator actually has a full blown VGA display.

Turns out that earlier this year, due to a rare quirk in a global supply chain, Asus got the shipment of 2.6″ VGA displays for P750 delivered, instead of expected QVGAs, and at a better price.

But since the Asus P750 and all the software on it was already specc’ed for QVGA, they just disabled VGA resolution and made it run at QVGA quality.

So the hackers (Sorg and GreateVK) among Russian Asus fans decided to do what they do best. Hack into Asus P750 WM 6 firmware and let the phone show off all it’s powers.

And, after a few sleepless nights, they succeeded:


What you see in the picture is Asus P750 running at a full blown 640×480px VGA resolution.

So far the display is working only at 96 DPI, instead of the usual WM 6 192 DPI VGA display resolution, and there are some bugs in the hack, so no public download is available yet.

But, Sorg says that as soon as he and GreatVK get some sleep, they are getting back to work, and should have the downloadable patch for happy Asus P750 owners ready in a week.

Note: This post is for educational purposes only. Fresh Gear will NOT be responsible for any damage / malfunction caused by the hack whether directly or indirectly. You are strongly advised to proceed at your own risk.

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