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Brochure: HTC PDA Flyer (Nov 2009)

October 25, 2009

Click to download the latest HTC PDA flyer (November 2009) issue.


Clearance Model

  • HTC P3300 – RM899 (Usual Price RM999)
  • HTC Touch P3452 – RM899 (Usual Price RM1,099)
  • HTC Touch Cruise P3650 – RM1,299 (Usual Price RM1,599)

I love Google Sync!

February 13, 2009


Not too long ago, Google launched yet another FREE service; Google Sync. If you know what is Microsoft Exchange, then Google Sync is a scaled-down free version of that. 

We use Google Apps for our email hosting, so basically this is the best news for 2009! Before, I could only synchronize email using Google Mail’s IMAP service. But, I now can sync my contacts and appointments “over the air” just like Microsoft Exchange also. All I need is to first enable the service in the “Dashboard” by clicking on the “Mobile” Link.

This is a great tool for SME or small business owners. Something which had to pay premium for (Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry) is now offered free.

Go ahead and try it out now!