Tips: How to Hard Reset LG KS-20

March 25, 2008

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1. Turn off the LG KS-20 completely (do this by pressing and holding the power button and wait for the prompt).
2. Press and hold these three buttons–volume down, Call and power–till the LED (this is beside the front camera) flashes.
3. Release the buttons. That same LED should flash blue/red/green and power up.
4. The KS20 should be in a clean state.


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  1. very good and helpfull. Thank you

  2. Hai
    it was very much helpful in resetting the device. But I had a problem for which i did the resetting, and that problem was not solved. can u give the solution for that/
    the problem is my battery indicator always shows same percentage battery remainong even if the battery is fully dowm, it is always at 77%, I thought it as a software problem and that is why i tried to reset the mobile, but no use, can u help me.

  3. thz alot..
    my window media got problem and i was looking for it how to reinstall.according to your info, i have got well done..thz alot

  4. Mukundan,

    It could be your battery is already faulty. Have to send back for warranty.

  5. i have the same problem with mukundan only my phone is showing 100 % battery full all the time

    is there any way to reset the battery ?
    i know that these batteries have memory for how many times you recharge it
    i have been very careful with that so i charged it every time it was empty and charged it all night long with the phone shut off

    any ideas ?

  6. I had same problem before. The problem is the battery. I bought a battery on eBay and that battery has this problem. I switched back to the original battery and problem is fixed.

  7. if hard reset, will the OS still remain?

  8. Dan,

    The OS will still remain. But all your data will be lost and reset to factory default.

  9. sad…
    This poor LG KS 20 …my battery keep on at 98% and the warranty jus passed…that poor LG policy never protect user’s right and this battery problem is so unique to this product….company should have change it for everyone..

  10. Hi
    Can any body tell me how to install PDF viewer in this mobile(LG KS 20). Which is the web site to download that software

  11. hi

    for viewing pdf-files you can use the foxit-pdf-viewer. it is shareware from foxitsoftware.com

    use this link for the ks-20 smartphone:



  12. I do all instructions and the led come blue/red/green but still remain same data , the factory default not come?
    can any body help me

  13. Hi
    U have to release all buttons the moment u see the lights changing colours and make sure that u switch off ur mobile before u do this

  14. why my bluetooth can’t connect

  15. I have this phone KS20 and im not using it since i have a new iphone. its in a perfect condition and used less than 6 mounts. if u r in Canada and wanna buy it for 120$ just email me at signal6000@gmail.com

  16. it,s realy gr8

  17. when i switched on my lg ks20, the screen remain at home & unlock key indicator appear at bottom left side of the screen. when press, nothing happen. seem like unable to go to other features.

  18. hi,
    i have a serious problem.
    my phone is frozen to the lg front screen.
    it is a lg ks20, ive tried to do the hard reset by pressing the buttons as described, above, but when the light under the camera comes on it stays blue for about 5 seconds and then turns of and the lg screen remains until i disconnect the battery!

    any ides??


  19. About Pezb problem. ur mobiles board is damaged and has to be changed. u have to goto a LG service centre

  20. please someone help screen wont move back to regular stays in horizontal view can someone tell me what to do please help me

  21. Shawn
    take internet explorer and take tools and touch on the rotate button. it willbe back in the vertical view

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