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News: HTC Touch Diamond 2 Official Price and Availability

April 30, 2009



Mark your calender folks! The official price of HTC Touch Diamond 2 is RM2,599 and it is available at our store starting 7th May 2009. 

Exclusive Early Promo Deals!

ONLY From 7th May 2009 to 17th May 2009, every HTC Touch Diamond 2 comes with the following.

  • 1+1 Year Extended Warranty 
  • HTC Pouch
  • Mystery Gift worth (RM159)

Quick! Purchase yours today at our ONLINE STORE (All major credit cards and Paypal accepted.)


  • Qualcomm® MSM7200A™, 528 MHz
  • ROM: 512 MB & RAM: 288 MB
  • 3.2-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen with 480 X 800 WVGA resolution
  • HSDPA, Quad-band
  • GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • 5.0MP Camera with Auto Focus
  • Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh
  • Talk Time: 340 minutes
  • Standby Time: 360 hours
  • Special Feature: G-Sensor, FM Radio and Zoom Bar

Stay tuned to our follow-up in-depth review of the device.

If you have more enquiries, please contact anyone of us.

Plaza Low Yat (Grd Floor & UG Floor)

  • Kelvin @ 012-3332303
  • Ji Hou @ 016-6379332

Digital Mall, Section 14 PJ (Grd Floor)

  • Kenny @ 012-2527718
  • Khuen Fatt @ 016-9975211

IOI Mall, Puchong (2nd Floor)

  • Allan Mah @ 016-2738693
  • Keith Sim @ 017-2934990
  • Alan Sou @ 017-6450528

Digital Mall, USJ 19 Subang Jaya (Grd Floor and 1st Floor)

  • Johnny @ 012-9862417
  • Nicolas @ 017-3362472

Or simply email us at

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Functions of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

April 27, 2009

FG Logo

When I ask someone who has not used a PDA before; Why are you not using a PDA?” or Will you use a PDA?”, some of the most common replies I get are…

A1: “My RM300 phone already has appointment and task built in. So I don’t need a powerful device to do it.”

A2: “I don’t have so many contacts/email to store.”

A3: “I don’t need to set appointments as I am not in sales/marketing line.”

A4: “Expensive!”

A5: “Don’t know how to use.”

Generally, when people think of PDA, they think of only appointments, task and contacts. PDA has evolve so much since the day I started using it. I do not blame them for thinking that way as PDA was mainly used for that purpose 5 to 6 years ago. Palm was so popular back then people generally refer PDA as Palm. How things have changed. I hope to bridge the knowledge gap with the simple slideshow I created below.

Buying a PDA is very much like buying a computer. It is all about what you install into it that makes it worth while.

Recent years, prices of PDA has also come down to a very reasonable range. Did you know that you can get a PDA phone with Bluetooth, WiFi, 2MP camera, GPS with Touch Screen for under RM1,000?

Hint: HTC P3300

Anyway, back to the functions of PDA… Did you know that

  • you can search through ANY words among your thousands of SMS?
  • you can sort your SMS like a chat window? Making it easier to reply and read your SMS instead of just Inbox/Outbox.
  • you can schedule a SMS to be sent tomorrow, next week, next month and even a year later? Never forget a birthday wish!
  • you can watch youtube movies clips anytime, anywhere?
  • you can do PUSH EMAIL on Windows Exchange Server? Arguably faster than Blackberry?
  • you can WIRELESSLY SYNCHRONIZE all your contacts using FREE Google Sync?
  • you can view all your friend’s current location with the latest Google Map/Latitude?
  • you can have all your Yahoo messanger, MSN, GTalk, AOL, Skype all launched in one application?
  • you can filter out unwanted calls/sms?
  • 90% of our customers are actually new users?

Leave your comments and share with me what do you use your PDA for besides the usual appointment and task?

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News: Pay your U Mobile bills at Fresh Gear outlets

April 1, 2009

U Mobile Logo

You can now pay your U Mobile bills (Postpaid, Data Plan and even Prepaid top-up) at any Fresh Gear outlets!

  • Plaza Low Yat – Ground Floor (G-1a)
  • Plaza Low Yat – UG Floor (UG-K12)
  • Digital Mall Section 14 – Ground Floor (G-10)
  • IOI Mall Puchong – 2nd Floor (K5 & K6)
  • Digital Mall USJ19 – Ground Floor (G-13a)
  • Digital Mall USJ19 – 1st Floor (F-30)

Just give us the U Mobile number you wish to pay and payment will be transferred by end of the day. We accept both cash or credit card. 

p/s: if there are any mobile phone dealers, food operator, kiosk/retailers out there interested to accept U Mobile bill payment, please email me directly at kenneth[at]

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News: U Mobile FREE Calls Promo Ends

April 1, 2009

U Mobile Logo

FREE calls promotion

Today is the end of the promotion for the U Mobile FREE call + 1 cent SMS (on-net). This is applicable to all existing, new and port-in customers.

However, they have extended their CHEAP IDD call rates to Singapore, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and have added a new country; Bangladesh. The call rates remain the same at 0.7cent per second to either fix line or mobile line.

Phone Bundling

Some changes in the phone bundling package too. Customers are now required to pay up-front 3 months monthly commitment fee + 1st month commitment fee + the subsidized phone price.


Customer who wants to get a Samsung Z170 with an U38 package is now required to pay the following.

1st month commitment fee – RM38

3 months advance commitment fee – RM38 X 3 = RM114

Phone price = RM240

Total price to pay is RM392

I wonder if they will come out with a better rate plan considering the local telco scene is heating up with all kind cheap calls and offerings! With Digi now offers 3G connectivity, I am interested to see how U Mobile will react.

Are you a U Mobile customer? Tell us what you think!

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News: Latest version of Mail for Exchange 2.9 (Built 158) for Nokia

April 1, 2009

Nokia released a latest version of “Mail for Exchange” version 2.9. If you use Microsoft Exchange and own a Nokia Symbian phone, go and download the latest version from the Nokia Business Site.

However, a quick check reveal that it is only available for Nokia E71, E51, E63, E66, N73 and N95 (8GB).

Snippets from the Release Notes (Improvements):

• Access Point Groups/Destinations – Mail for Exchange can now actively switch between WiFi and GPRS connections automatically if your phone supports Destinations. This feature is only available on S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 and S60 5th Edition phones. To identify your device, visit this site: (See your phone User Guide for details about Destinations.)

• Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, are disabled by default on new installs. This is to prevent users from inadvertently losing Calendar, Contacts and Task data.

• When editing your Out of Office (OoO) message on the the device, Mail for Exchange retrieves the current OoO message from the server when the setting/tab is accessed and OoO is set to “Yes”, instead of periodically as in previous versions. This may cause a short delay and requires connectivity with the server.

• Much better battery life in adverse network conditions. If the Mail for Exchange client can’t maintain a connection to the Exchange Server, it automatically switches to polling every 15 minutes. The client will switch back to Always on at the next scheduled period.

• Mail for Exchange setting tabs are no longer dynamically displayed, instead all tabs are always displayed.

• Manage your device by name instead of IMEI via Outlook Web Access (OWA) email client (if account allows). Users of OWA can perform device management features on their phone clients such as wiping the device. The phone model name is now visible in the status field. This is helpful for users who are synchronizing several phones.

• Pictures in contacts are now synchronized.

Snippets from the Release Notes (Bug fixes):

Meeting with several attendees: Meetings in the calendar with a large number of attendees (>1000) will now synchronize successfully. Only the first 20 meeting participants will be shown in the meeting.

Reply/forward to a completely fetched email: When you try to reply to or forward a large email (180K < message body < 200K) that has been fully downloaded there are no longer any issues.

Deleting access point used by Mail for Exchange: Mail for Exchange now gives an error when a Company Directory (GAL) search is performed and the access point used by Mail for Exchange has been deleted from the device.

Company directory crashes: Several company directory crashes have been fixed.

Synchronization issues with Exchange 2007 servers: Some events were causing the calendar synchronization to stop working. These have been corrected.

Missing calendar events with Exchange 2007 servers: Updates to calendar events are now handled correctly.

Mail for Exchange doesn’t sync when Encryption is turned on for E66 and E71: Mail for Exchange and device software updates now allow for Mail for Exchange to synchronize when encryption is turned on.

Guatemalan Daylight Savings Time calendar events were ‘off’ by 1 hour: Calendar events in Guatemalan Daylight Savings time are now correct. The change may also affect other time zones.

Memory Full: Mail for Exchange now properly stops synchronizing when memory is full and restarts when memory is freed.

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