Review: Acer Tempo DX900 Dual SIM Design PDA

May 4, 2009

Acer Logo

Available Date: End April 2009

Launch Price: RM1,899

Fresh Gear rating: 8/10


  • Dual SIM standby mode
  • 533MHz Samsung S3C 6400
  • 106X60.5X17mm (147g with battery)
  • ROM: 256MB RAM:128MB (MicroSD Slot)
  • 2.8″ 640×480 pixel VGA, TFT-LCD
  • HSDPA Quad-band 
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS
  • Accelerometer / G-Sensor
  • 3.2MP Auto-focus Camera
  • Li-ion Polymer Battery, 1530mAh


Acer Tempo DX900 - Box

Acer Tempo DX900 - Box

Un-boxing the Acer DX900

Acer Tempo DX900 - Content

Acer Tempo DX900 - Content

The Acer Tempo DX900 comes with the following items bundled.

  • Travel Charger with Adapter
  • Screen Protector
  • Clothe Pouch
  • Dual earpiece handsfree kit
  • CDs and Manual
  • Warranty Card/Paper

First Impression

Acer Tempo DX900 size is just nice for a decent looking PDA but it is a bit thick on the side. It is not going to win on the aesthetic department because I think Acer rather go for functionality. The front panel is a minimalist but once you turn over the side, there are host of other buttons to be found.

Acer Tempo DX900 - Front

Acer Tempo DX900 - 5 Way navigation pad with Call + Hangup Button

Acer Tempo DX900 comes with a front Camera for 3G Video Conferencing. 

Acer Tempo DX900 - Left

Acer Tempo DX900 - Left

On the left side sits the Volume button, Voice Recording Button and also the jack for handsfree.

Acer Tempo DX900 - Right Side

Acer Tempo DX900 - Right Side

Unlike most PDA today, the MicroSD slot is located on the side, together with the Camera button, Power Button and also the Reset Button. 

Acer Tempo DX900 - Top

Acer Tempo DX900 - Top

Nothing on the top, just an embossed word “GPS”.

Acer Tempo DX900 - Bottom

Acer Tempo DX900 - Bottom

Only the Mini USB charger slot and mic is located at the bottom.

Acer Tempo DX900 - Back

Acer Tempo DX900 - Back

Behind the PDA is the 3.0MP Auto Focus Camera with Flash! Just next to it is the speakers.

Acer Tempo DX900 - Camera

Acer Tempo DX900 - Camera

A close-up shot of the 3.0MP camera.

Acer Tempo DX900 - Dual SIM Slot

Acer Tempo DX900 - Dual SIM Slot

This is what makes the Acer Tempo DX900 stands out from the pack. It supports 2 Active sim cards simultaneously. Meaning, both SIM cards can be turned on at the same time! Recent years has seen the number of people with 2 phones increasing and I think Acer wanted to catch the trend with the FIRST dual SIM PDA phone. 

Benefits of using a Dual-SIM phone

  • Less thing to carry, less thing to forget/left behind
  • Central update of phone book. No need to look back and forth for numbers/miss calls…
  • No need to buy 2 PDA phones to enjoy the PDA functions on both phones
  • No duplicate of contacts
  • One back up / Synchronization will do

I think the major drawback of using a Dual SIM phone is the battery. You are effectively receiving/making more calls with just one device and this my drain the battery. Hopefully the huge 1530mAh battery is good enough for most people, else a car charger, extra battery is definitely needed.

There is another limitation too. I noticed most, if not ALL of the Dual SIM 3G phones comes with one slot supports 3G and another slot  supports 2G only. Why? Why can’t both SIM card slot supports 3G? It happened on the U Mobile Sou Dual SIM 3G phone too. Some other Dual SIM phone brands in the market do not even support 3G. 

Is it an architecture limitation? Please share with me if you know why.

The Acer Tempo DX900 too has this limitation. A 3G sim card will still work on a 2G slot, just that you will not be able to enjoy 3G network coverage/video calls with Slot 2. So, you should be inserting a 3G SIM card with unlimited data plan into slot 1, whereas slot 2 is reserved primarily for calls and SMS. Unless you plan to make Video calls on BOTH SIM cards, this phone will work wonders.

Using the Acer Tempo DX900


From the main screen, you can see the status of the 2 SIM cards. You must however remember which is line 1 or 2 because the system will indicate each call/sms with the “1” and “2” prefix.


(Click to enlarge)

When you send SMS, you can choose which SIM card you want to send from. And when you view your SMS, you can see which SIM card did you receive the SMS from.


When you are making calls, you can also choose to call using “Talk 1” or “Talk 2”.


The call history will also clearly indicate which SIM card is it coming from/going to.


At any point if you want to turn off one of the SIM card, just click on the “Communication Manager” tab. 

Other Screen Shots of Acer Tempo DX900

Most of the application you see below are done by Acer themselves. Including the Dual-SIM call functions.

(click on image to enlarge)

acer-dx900-utilities-menu acer-dx900-streaming-player

acer-dx900-sim-manager acer-dx900-settings-menu

acer-dx900-scenarios acer-dx900-programs

acer-dx900-power-menu acer-dx900-phone-menu

acer-dx900-multimedia acer-dx900-memory-optimization

acer-dx900-gravity-sensor acer-dx900-gps-viewer-1

acer-dx900-gps-viewer acer-dx900-frequency-dial

acer-dx900-default-settings acer-dx900-calling


Comparison between HTC Touch 3G, HTC Touch Cruise & Acer Tempo DX900


Acer Tempo DX900

HTC Touch Cruise (T4242)

HTC Touch 3G (T3232)


ROM: 256MB RAM:128MB

ROM: 512 MB RAM: 256MB

ROM: 256MB RAM: 192MB


533MHz Samsung S3C 6400

Qualcomm® MSM7225TM, 528 MHz

Qualcomm® MSM7225TM, 528 MHz


2.8” 640X480 VGA Screen

2.8” 320X240 QVGA screen

2.8” 320X240 QVGA screen


Battery Capacity: 1530mAh

Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh

Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh

Size & Weight

106mm X 60.5mm X 17mm

(147g with battery)

102 mm X 53.6 mm X 14.5 mm (96g with battery)

102mm X 53.5mm X 14.5 mm (103g with battery)


3.0 (Auto Focus with Flash)

3.2 MP (Fix Focus)

3.2 MP (Fix Focus)

Dual SIM Slot




Additional Accessories

Screen Protector

Car Charger + Car Holder + additional stylus + 1GB memory card

– nil –

Additional Software

SPB Mobile Shell 2.0

Papago X3 and Footprint

– nil –


Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS

Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS

Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS





No doubt HTC Touch Cruise is lighter and HTC Touch 3G is sleeker device compared to Acer Tempo DX900. But Acer Tempo DX900 comes with Dual SIM, VGA screen, 3.0MP Auto-focus camera with flash and a super large capacity battery. 

Which will you choose?

Over the years, I have fallen in love with Hi-Res screen (VGA) and Auto Focus camera. You can give me 5MP camera but if it cannot focus, it is not good enough. If I have taken a 5MP camera with auto-focus and viewing it on a QVGA screen, it is also not good enough. This combination is just right!



  • VGA, 3G Camera + Dual SIM for RM1,899; Value for money!
  • Recording Button on the left
  • BIG capacity battery at 1530mAh!


  • Back cover comes off easily. Not too sure if it is limited to this particular unit.
  • Not the latest version of SPB Mobile Shell
  • A bit on the thick side. 
  • Memory a bit on the small side compared to other HTC devices of the same range

Available at Fresh Gear Online Store. All major credit cards and Paypal accepted.

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  1. what kind of headphone jack is it? 3.5mm? Thanks.

  2. Nope, it does not use 3.5mm jack.

  3. Is it Available in India ? And What About The Cost in India

  4. What about the availability Of Acer Tempo DX 900 in India and the Cost?

  5. Not sure if there is any reseller in india selling this. But you can always purchase from our online store at http://www.freshgear.com.my

  6. very nice ! is it possible to buy it in Italy? wheare?
    tanks bye

  7. How much does it cost now? Can we buy it in Armenia, Yerevan? If not how can we order and receive? How much inbuilt memory does it have and how much Micro SD can it support: 2GB, 4 or more? Thanks.

  8. Edgar,

    There is currently no more stock for this item.

  9. Ok Very nice, then the medel dx-900 also available in UAE.

  10. what is the price of acer dx-900 in terms of indian currency rate

  11. The battery sucks. A full charge can only last 4-5 hours of medium usage. Standby time is never more than 12 hours. I had to charge the battery everyday. It is functionally good, especially with the 2 SIMs but I’ve given it up after using it for only 2 months because of the battery issue. I may use it again when Acer comes up with a battery that last longer.

  12. What about the availability Of Acer Tempo DX 900 in India and the Cost?

  13. What about the availability Of Acer Tempo DX 900 in India and the Cost?

    availability of phone in indian mkt

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