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News: U Mobile Launch New Service – U Buddy!

May 1, 2009

U Mobile Logo


Starting 1st May 2009 until 31st December 2009, U Mobile Postpaid subscriber can sign up for a new Value Added Service (VAS) – U Buddy. Pay RM10 a month and get 30 hours ON-NET FREE local calls. This new U Buddy service is launched after they terminated the FREE CALL service back in 1st April 2009.  Technically to me, this is NOT free anymore since I have to pay an extra RM10.

Supplementary Line – U10

Supplementary line is now available on U Mobile network. Each supplementary line is charged only RM10 access fee and there is a maximum of 4 supplementary lines per subscriber. Please note that the RM10 access fee is NOT commitment fee whereby it cannot be used to deduct call/sms charges.

However, supplementary line(s) can share the commitment fee with principal line. Meaning, if principal line pays RM68/month and have 2 supplementary lines, the total payment to U Mobile is RM88 and all 3 lines can share the RM68 commitment fee. Of course, if the total call charges is more than RM68, then they will have to pay the extra also. RM68 is NOT the cap charges as many has mistaken as.

One weird thing is, calls made between supplementary and principal lines are not free. Supplementary lines are charges 0.3sen/second and 0.5sen/second for ON-NET and OFF-NET calls respectively. 

What’s more, postpaid subscriber is also given a 50% discount on their commitment AND access fee on every 6th month bill. Go calculate 🙂

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News: U Mobile FREE Calls Promo Ends

April 1, 2009

U Mobile Logo

FREE calls promotion

Today is the end of the promotion for the U Mobile FREE call + 1 cent SMS (on-net). This is applicable to all existing, new and port-in customers.

However, they have extended their CHEAP IDD call rates to Singapore, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and have added a new country; Bangladesh. The call rates remain the same at 0.7cent per second to either fix line or mobile line.

Phone Bundling

Some changes in the phone bundling package too. Customers are now required to pay up-front 3 months monthly commitment fee + 1st month commitment fee + the subsidized phone price.


Customer who wants to get a Samsung Z170 with an U38 package is now required to pay the following.

1st month commitment fee – RM38

3 months advance commitment fee – RM38 X 3 = RM114

Phone price = RM240

Total price to pay is RM392

I wonder if they will come out with a better rate plan considering the local telco scene is heating up with all kind cheap calls and offerings! With Digi now offers 3G connectivity, I am interested to see how U Mobile will react.

Are you a U Mobile customer? Tell us what you think!

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