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News: U Mobile Launch New Service – U Buddy!

May 1, 2009

U Mobile Logo


Starting 1st May 2009 until 31st December 2009, U Mobile Postpaid subscriber can sign up for a new Value Added Service (VAS) – U Buddy. Pay RM10 a month and get 30 hours ON-NET FREE local calls. This new U Buddy service is launched after they terminated the FREE CALL service back in 1st April 2009.  Technically to me, this is NOT free anymore since I have to pay an extra RM10.

Supplementary Line – U10

Supplementary line is now available on U Mobile network. Each supplementary line is charged only RM10 access fee and there is a maximum of 4 supplementary lines per subscriber. Please note that the RM10 access fee is NOT commitment fee whereby it cannot be used to deduct call/sms charges.

However, supplementary line(s) can share the commitment fee with principal line. Meaning, if principal line pays RM68/month and have 2 supplementary lines, the total payment to U Mobile is RM88 and all 3 lines can share the RM68 commitment fee. Of course, if the total call charges is more than RM68, then they will have to pay the extra also. RM68 is NOT the cap charges as many has mistaken as.

One weird thing is, calls made between supplementary and principal lines are not free. Supplementary lines are charges 0.3sen/second and 0.5sen/second for ON-NET and OFF-NET calls respectively. 

What’s more, postpaid subscriber is also given a 50% discount on their commitment AND access fee on every 6th month bill. Go calculate 🙂

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News: Pay your U Mobile bills at Fresh Gear outlets

April 1, 2009

U Mobile Logo

You can now pay your U Mobile bills (Postpaid, Data Plan and even Prepaid top-up) at any Fresh Gear outlets!

  • Plaza Low Yat – Ground Floor (G-1a)
  • Plaza Low Yat – UG Floor (UG-K12)
  • Digital Mall Section 14 – Ground Floor (G-10)
  • IOI Mall Puchong – 2nd Floor (K5 & K6)
  • Digital Mall USJ19 – Ground Floor (G-13a)
  • Digital Mall USJ19 – 1st Floor (F-30)

Just give us the U Mobile number you wish to pay and payment will be transferred by end of the day. We accept both cash or credit card. 

p/s: if there are any mobile phone dealers, food operator, kiosk/retailers out there interested to accept U Mobile bill payment, please email me directly at kenneth[at]

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News: U Mobile FREE Calls Promo Ends

April 1, 2009

U Mobile Logo

FREE calls promotion

Today is the end of the promotion for the U Mobile FREE call + 1 cent SMS (on-net). This is applicable to all existing, new and port-in customers.

However, they have extended their CHEAP IDD call rates to Singapore, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and have added a new country; Bangladesh. The call rates remain the same at 0.7cent per second to either fix line or mobile line.

Phone Bundling

Some changes in the phone bundling package too. Customers are now required to pay up-front 3 months monthly commitment fee + 1st month commitment fee + the subsidized phone price.


Customer who wants to get a Samsung Z170 with an U38 package is now required to pay the following.

1st month commitment fee – RM38

3 months advance commitment fee – RM38 X 3 = RM114

Phone price = RM240

Total price to pay is RM392

I wonder if they will come out with a better rate plan considering the local telco scene is heating up with all kind cheap calls and offerings! With Digi now offers 3G connectivity, I am interested to see how U Mobile will react.

Are you a U Mobile customer? Tell us what you think!

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Review: U Mobile Sou (Dual SIM Phone)

October 23, 2008


Normal SRP price is RM988

U Mobile Phone Subsidy Program

  • U38 = RM760 (12 months contract)
  • U68 = RM700 (12 months contract)
  • U98 = RM510 (18 months contract)

U Mobile Sou is an exclusive phone sold under the U Mobile brand name. From the packaging to the manual and to the phone, U Mobile’s logo is prominently displayed. According to U Mobile’s official, “Sou” means “Dual” or “Double” which translate to this phone having Dual SIM capabilities.



Un-Boxing of the U Mobile Sou

The U Mobile Sou comes with alot of items inside the packaging.

  1. The U Mobile Sou Handset + Back cover
  2. 2 batteries (880mAh and 1010mAh)
  3. AC adapter
  4. Handsfree Kit
  5. USB Cable
  6. Car Charger
  7. Installation CD
  8. Manual
  9. Warranty Card

First Impression

The finishing of the phone (front) is pretty nice with steel-like surface. The back cover however feels plastic and flimsy. The U Mobile Logo can be seen at the front and back of the phone. Upon close inspection, we noticed all the accessories, CD, Manuals are labelled with “Sou” or “U Mobile” logo. Alot of effort was put into branding this phone.

We were very surprise to find 2 batteries and even a car charger in the box. This immediately gave us the impression of “Value for money”. Althought this might be branded as “China Phone” to some, the built quality certainly isn’t.


The video call camera is located at the top right corner like most phone.


The keypad of the phone requires some getting used to. Example, the number “0” is located at the right side instead of at the bottom of the keypad. There is also 2 “Dial” keypad catering for the 2 different SIM card. A very essential feature for a Dual-SIM phone.

At the top of the phone is the lanyard connector and the handsfree jack and the bottom is the phone cover release button.


The left side of the phone consists of Up/Down Button, Charger/Sync Connector and ON/OFF Button. The right side consists of Camera Button and the MicroSD Memory slot.


The front and back of the phone in full view.



  • Support Dual – SIM
  • Network Support: UMTS 2100/GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Weight: 100g
  • Display: TFT 16 Million Colours
  • Screen: 2.2″ QVGA
  • Memory: Flash 128MB + RAM 64MB
  • Memory Card: MicroSD support up to 4GB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Ver 2.0, A2DP, Mini USB
  • Camera: 2.0MP with 6X Digital Zoom & 0.3MP front camera
  • Browser: HTML, xHTML
  • FM Radio

Using the Phone

Pressing the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds and the phone spring to life. Immediately you will be greeted by a U Mobile Logo in white background.

This phone is pretty easy to use with a pretty nice menu to play with. The main screen display the time, notification and other handy information.

Press the Centre Button to go to Main Menu.

From the main menu, you can access host of other features and functions.





There is no need to manually setup any network settings as all the major network provider settings can be found in the menu. The camera takes decent pictures under bright sun light but suffers under low light condition.

Click on the image below to view pictures taken using the U Mobile Sou.




  1. Comes with loads of accessories like extra battery and car charger
  2. Dual-SIM is very handy
  3. One of the cheapest 3G Dual SIM phone
  4. Decent looking camera
  5. Loud speaker with vibration


  1. Browing Internet is almost hopeless
  2. Removing the battery cover requires some getting use to
  3. Does not sync with Microsoft Outlook
  4. Can’t seems to setup IMAP email on the phone

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News: U Mobile – FREE up to RM864 worth of calls monthly!

October 18, 2008

U Mobile has launched a voice plan so good, it is hard to be believe!

RM864 worth of FREE calls is calculated by multiplying the total monthly free minutes by the Prepaid rate plan of RM0.48/minute.

[60 minutes X 30 days X RM0.48 per minute = RM864] Prepaid
[60 minutes X 30 days X RM0.18 per minute = RM324] U38
[60 minutes X 30 days X RM0.12 per minute = RM216] U68

Starting 18th of October, all postpaid and prepaid voice plans will get 60 minutes of FREE talk time daily between U Mobile subscribers. This works out to be about 1,800 minutes of FREE talk time monthly!

What’s the catch?

Nope, there is no catch really. For Prepaid users, all you need to do is to make sure your line is active before you can make any FREE calls. Meaning, top-up a minimum amount of RM10 and stay active for 10 days. So, we recommend you to just top up RM30 to stay active the whole month.

At the time where economy is in a gloomy state where everyone is trying to find ways to save money, U Mobile has certainly hit the right note. Other key-saving features worth noting are;

  • 1 cent per SMS (within U Mobile network) at any time
  • 1,800 FREE minutes of talk time monthly (within U Mobile network)
  • Postpaid users get to carry forward their un-used FREE minutes up to month end.
  • 1 second billing cycle
  • Phone subsidy program
With its 60 minutes daily FREE calls + 1 cent per SMS, this will spread like a wild fire especially when MNP is implemented and launched now. Consumer can just easily switch over to U Mobile without changing their existing mobile number. So, what are you waiting for? Get those around you to change to U Mobile now so you can call them for FREE and SMS them for 1 cent!
Maxis have Activ10 with 10 special numbers
Digi have Friends and Family with 11 special numbers (with RM2 switching fee)
Celcom have 8pax with only 8 special numbers
U Mobile now has … “Every Friends and Family“, “Activ Everyone” and “UnlimitedPAX“.

3G Phone Subsidy for Postpaid

U Mobile also introduced 3 new phone bundling program. Samsung Z170, Samsung J200 and Korean Dual SIM Phone Sou.

Samsung Z170 (Click here for specification)

SRP Price: RM599




RM240 (Save RM359)

RM180 (Save RM419)

Not applicable

12 Months Contract

12 Months Contract

Not applicatble

Samsung J200 (Click here fore specification)

SRP Price: RM599




RM240 (Save RM359)

RM180 (Save RM419)

Not applicable

12 Months Contract

12 Months Contract

Not applicable

U Mobile Sou (UMTS, DUAL-SIM, microSD, 2.0MP Camera, Bluetooth, FM Radio)





RM760 (Save RM228)

RM700 (Save RM288)

RM510 (RM478)

18 Months Contract


18 Months Contract


18 Months Contract



  • If you want to save money with low rates
  • If you want 60 mins FREE calls daily or 1 cent SMS to more than 11 numbers
  • If you don’t want to be charged for talk time you didn’t use
  • If you want a new 3G phone
  • If you don’t want to carry 2 phones
  • If you want to keep your existing number
  • If you want the simplest plan
  • If you can’t think of anymore excuses
Switch over to U Mobile
Visit any of our outlets, call us at +6018 2088808 or email us at and we are glad to make an appointment to help you save. No payment needed, just fill up the registration form and photocopy of IC.

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News: Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

October 16, 2008

Today is the official nation wide launch of Mobile Number Portability in Malaysia. Open up Star newspaper and you will see full page advertisement from Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile on MNP. Prior to this, many people are talking about this and some are eagerly awaiting for this day to come.

What is Mobile Number Portability?

Simply put, it means that your front 3 digit DO NOT represent your telco anymore. Even if you are using 012-XXXXXXX, you might be subscribe to Celcom or Digi network. Consumers are free to choose any Telco they like while keeping the original numbers.

Who is entitled for MNP?

Any customers of any mobile service provider who is governed by MNP regulations are entitled to apply for MNP. Postpaid or prepaid consumers and also corporate or company registration are also entitled to MNP.

What are the criteria to port over?

Prepaid Customer

  • Ensure that the prepaid number is registered under your name.
  • The prepaid number is still active (meaning you still can receive calls)
  • All unused credit will be forfeited when the MNP request is successful

Postpaid Customer

  • No outstanding/due payment in your account
  • No outstanding contract/tie in obligations
  • All supplementary line/numbers need to be ported over together
  • All value added service subscription under the SAME account must be migrated together/terminated.
  • If a supplementary line does not migrate, he/she will need to detach itself from principal line and register as new independent account.

Will there be interruption in the MNP process and how long does it take?

MNP process usually takes about 5 to 8 working days and there is no service interruption in between. Customer can continue using the previous telco until the point where the new telco takes over.

How much does it cost to port over?

The maximum fees chargeable by any telco is RM25. However, looking at the current situation, most of the telco will be waiving the fee to encourage customers to port over to their respective service.

U Mobile is currently giving away RM10 credit for every successful prepaid or postpaid subscription. U mobile is also giving away 018 prepaid starter pack for every rejected MNP cases with RM10 air time!

What are the porting process?

Step 1: Visit any MNP centres

Step 2: Fill up the registration forms & photocopy your IC/Passport/army/police ID/ Business registration

Step 3: Pay for any porting fees (FREE for U Mobile)

Step 4: Collect the SIM Card

Step 5: Continue using your old network until you receive a SMS notification

How often can I do a MNP transfer?

As many times as you wish to, but you cannot do multiple MNP request within the same time to different operators

What number pre-fix cannot be ported?

The following cannot be ported:

  • Fixed Telekom landlines such as 03, 04, 06 etc.
  • Fixed free toll number such as 1 800, 1300 etc.
  • Foreign country numbers.

Can I port from Prepaid to Postpaid?

Yes, you can choose to port from postpaid to prepaid and vice versa.

Will I be receiving 2 set of phone bills?

In the first month after your successful MNP request, you may be receiving two bills:

  • First usage bill to the mobile service operator you ported to
  • Final bill from your previous mobile service operator, on usages that were incurred but not charged

Will the Value Added Service (VAS) be ported together?

No, MNP only ports out the number, not services. VAS from previous service provider will not be transferred and you have to subscribe for the VAS again from the new network operator. Some of the common VAS are as below.

  • Internet Data services
  • Push E-mail Services
  • Email assigned to the previous number
  • Friends and Family Plan
  • Caller Ring tone
  • Enhanced SIM Services
  • Fax Number

Can I port my free airtime usage from my previous network operator?

Nope, all free airtime, voicemail messages, etc will be lost.

How can I identify whether the number I am calling is on the same network?

You will not be able to identify if your call is on-net or off-net.

I have a company cell phone, can I port my number?

Yes, you can with the following:

  • A copy of consent from the Human resource department to use the account for the personal use
  • Complete the initial MNP request conditions with successful confirmation
  • Upon successful confirmation, choose either the prepaid or postpaid account that appeals to him/her and follow the abovementioned procedures

For more information on MNP, please call the respective network operator.

U Mobile – +6018 388 1318

Maxis – 1800 82 1123

Celcom – 1300 111 000

Digi – +6016 221 1800

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News: Surf with You – U Mobile Wireless Broadband Package

April 5, 2008


Surf with U; U mobile latest wireless high speed mobile Internet plan is catered largely to the masses who just cannot live without Internet. WiFi just does not cut it for these people, they need Internet access anywhere, and looking out for WiFi hot spot is not good enough. These road warriors needs alternative; U Mobile’s Surf with U.

The concept behind this new high speed mobile Internet access is simple. It does not have many complicated packages to choose from. Just one package; pay RM78 every month, get a **FREE USB HSDPA modem and enjoy up to 3.6Mbps unlimited Internet every month.

U Mobile packaging

Q: Does my area have U Mobile signal?

Currently U Mobile signal is very much concentrated within 700 locations in Klang Valley area like Subang, Petaling Jaya, Batu Caves, Klang, Shah Alam, Kepong, Sungai Besi, Cheras and counting. Un-confirmed news is that coverage area will be expanded to other major town areas in June 2008. Check out their website for a more detailed listing of coverage area.

Content: ZTE MF622 Modem, 2 USB Cable, CD, Warranty Card, User Guide and U Mobile Sim Card

Q: What happens if my area do not have signal?

Do not worry, U Mobile provides a 8 days money back guarantee plan. For any reason you are not happy with their service, bring the USB modem in good working condition back to U Mobile and get a FULL refund of your money.

ZTE MF622 Modem

Q: Yes! I want to sign up, show me how!

Come by any Fresh Gear outlets fill up a registration form, photo copy your NRIC and pay RM50 for activation and you can walk away IMMEDIATELY with a U Mobile USB HSDPA modem. Yes, you read it right. Unlike other competing brands, there is no up front access fee to be collected and no deposit required. Just a simple RM50. Individual can register up to a maximum of 3 lines under one name.

If you are a foreigner without a Malaysian’s NRIC, you will need to pay a deposit of RM1,000.

U Mobile SIM Card

Q: Sounds too good to be true, what is the catch?

Like all providers, the catch is that you maintain your access fee of RM78 per month for a minimum period of 24 months and you get to keep the U Mobile USB HSDPA modem. Otherwise, you will have to pay RM799 to purchase the USB modem due to early termination.

Q: Where to pay the monthly access fee?

Cash U Mobile Customer Service Centre
Lot G04, Ground Floor, East Wing
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Cheque Cheque made payable to
U Mobile Services Sdn Bhd.
Credit Card Master & Visa only
By Mail Mail to:
U Mobile Services Sdn Bhd
Payment Services
Finance & Control Department
Lot 11.01, 11th Floor, East Wing
Berjaya Times Square
No 1 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Online Banking RHB Online (
Citibank Online (
Maybank.2U (

Why wait? Sign up now!

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Updates [20th October 2008]

U Mobile has discontinued thier SWU program with ZTE Modem. Instead, now they have a data service which cost RM58/month (Until Dec 2008 after which will be RM68/month) without any modem or contract period.