Review: Samsung Omnia II (8GB) – GT-I8000

August 24, 2009

Samsung Logo

Available Date: 21st August 2009

Launch Price: RM2,399 (8GB)

Fresh Gear rating: 9/10

Note: This is a follow up review of the previous post.

Samsung Omnia II - Overall 1


  • AMOLED resistive touchscreen, 65K colors
  • 480 x 800 pixels, 3.7 inches
  • 118 x 59.6 x 11.9 mm (117g)
  • 2/8/16 GB storage
  • Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and Motion UI
  • 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, Dual Power LED flash
  • Samsung S3C6410 800MHz processor, dedicated graphics accelerator
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS
  • Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh
  • Standby: Up to 430 h (2G) / Up to 430 h (3G)
  • Talk time: Up to 10 h (2G) / Up to 10 h (3G)

Unboxing the Samsung Omnia II – i8000

I must admit I am very amazed by Samsung effort in improving the Samsung Omnia II! The new UI is just awesome and very pleasant to use which I will come to later in the “Using the Samsung Omnia II” section.

Samsung Omnia II - Box

Samsung Omnia II - Box

Samsung Omnia II - Content

Samsung Omnia II - Content

Samsung Omnia II comes with the following accessories in the box.

  • A PVC pouch (with a dedicated hole for the ringer, how thoughtful)
  • External Stylus
  • CD and Manuals
  • Headset/Handsfree
  • Charger
  • USB Sync cable

Would be nice if it comes with Screen Protector too!

First Impression

The device looks big but the weight is surprisingly light.

Samsung Omnia II - Top

Samsung Omnia II - Top

The most amazing part is when you turn the device on. The very bright, good contrast AMOLED screen spring into life, arguably as nice or even better than the iPhone.

Samsung Omnia II - i8000

Samsung Omnia II - i8000

The front is pretty straight forward with a call, hangup and “CUBE” button. However, I was hoping the “CUBE” button doubles as  a directional pad too.

Samsung Omnia II - Cube Button

Samsung Omnia II - Cube Button

Located on the right is the LOCK button, and the UP DOWN button on the left.

Samsung Omnia II - Device front

Samsung Omnia II - Device Back

Using the Omnia II – i8000

Like I have mentioned before, this Omnia II has gone through lots of changes and updates. This is basically a Windows Mobile device but when you start using it, you don’t really get to see and feel any “Windows mobile” icon. Like the HTC with their HTC Touch Flo 3D, Samsung have their very own Touch Wiz which overlap the boring Windows Mobile interface.


I will attempt to only go through those features which are not found on standard Windows Mobile devices.

1. Widgets

Omnia II - Main ScreenOmnia II - Main Screen2

Widgets can be added, removed or relocate at all 3 different “virtual” desktop.  You can also customize each “virtual” desktop with their own widget and wallpaper. More widgets can also be downloaded from Samsung website.

2. Programs

Samsung replaced the standard “Start–>Program” screen with their own “Productivity”, “Multimedia”, “Internet” and “Office”.

Omnia II - ProductivityOmnia II - Multimedia

Omnia II - InternetOmnia II - Office

3. Call Filter

You can now create a call list which you want to pick up or ignore easily right from the Omnia II.

Omnia II - Reject Calls1Omnia II - Reject Calls2

Omnia II - Reject Calls3Omnia II - Reject Calls4

4. Smart Converter

Instead of installing additional software for unit converter, Omnia II has built-in Smart converter.

Omnia II - Smart ConverterOmnia II - Smart Converter1

Omnia II - Smart Converter2Omnia II - Smart Converter3

Omnia II - Smart Converter4Omnia II - Smart Converter5

5. Audio Note

Previously hidden in “Notes”, Omnia 2 now comes with it’s very own Recording software.

Omnia II - Audio Note

6. Smart Memo

I had lots of fun with this app. Simply put, it is a “Paint” software in Omnia. It allows you to change background, insert image and voice note too!

Omnia II - Smart Memo

7. Touch Player

This built-in player plays most of the video file format (It supports MPEG4, WMV, DivX, XviD, H.263 and H.264). I do not need to install coreplayer or TCPMP.

8. Midomi

Ever wondered what is the name of the song currently playing in the radio? Guess no more, this neat little app basically records a 10 second music and search through a database for the closes match. I tried 3 times and it was accurate on all 3 attempt.

Omnia II - MidomiOmnia II - Midomi1

Omnia II - Midomi2

9. Digital Frame

Not really a “must have” but since it is built-in, I will show you some screen shots of it. Basically, you can set this up to display your photos with time/date. Do not really see how is this useful without a proper docking station.

Omnia II - Digital Photo Frame

10. Video Editor

A very powerful application which allow you to import a video file, add text, add sound, cut and duplicate video files.

Perhaps this is the answer to iPhone 3Gs video editor 🙂

Omnia II - Video Editor

11. Dice

A simple party game of dice.

Omnia II - Dice

12. RSS reader

This RSS reader is an improved version on the standard RSS reader found in most Windows Mobile devices.

Omnia II - RSS

13. Podcast

Omnia II - Podcast

14. Task Switcher

Because Windows mobile is a multi-tasking OS, you can un-unexpectedly open too many application.  Hit the “CUBE” button and click on “Task Switcher” and it will bring you to the screen below.

It also comes with a “snapshot” of the task so you can easily recognize it.

Omnia II - Task SwitcherOmnia II - Task Switcher1

15. CUBE

A multi dimentional CUBE where you can access all your most frequently used program. Just use your finger to flick and flip it around.

Personally, I find it quite hard to use. Pressing the quick access button at the bottom is perhaps much faster.

Omnia II - Cube

16. Communities

This application allows you to upload or share  pictures/video onto 6 different social networking site like Facebook, Flickr, Friendster, MySpace, Photobucket and Picasa.

Omnia II - CommunitiesOmnia II - Communities1

Other Screen shots

Omnia II - ContactsOmnia II - SMS

Omnia II - Lock ScreenOmnia II - Making Call

Omnia II - Calculator

Omnia II - Calls IncomingOmnia II - Call Log

Samsung Omnia Ii - Icon 1

Samsung Omnia II - Icon 2

Samsung Omnia II - Icon 3

Comparing the Size

Omnia II vs Touch HD vs Touch Diamond 2

Omnia II vs Touch HD vs Touch Diamond 2

Omnia II vs Touch HD vs Touch Diamond 2

Omnia II vs Touch HD vs Touch Diamond 2

Omnia II vs Touch HD vs Touch Diamond 2

Omnia II vs Touch HD vs Touch Diamond 2

Omnia vs Credit Card

Omnia vs Credit Card

Omnia vs iPhone

Omnia vs iPhone

Sample Photos taken using the Samsung Omnia II (Click to Enlarge)

Samsung Omnia II - Photo Sample - SNC00004

Samsung Omnia II - Photo Sample - SNC00003


Want to try out the Omnia II before your purchase? you can do it right here!



  • Superb wonderful bright screen
  • Excellent Camera
  • Built in many useful software; Namecard reader, call filter, video editor, Midomi…
  • Built-in Memory (2GB/8GB/16GB)
  • Very fast processor


  • I would prefer a D-pad at the bottom for easy navigation
  • Would prefer to have the stylus built-in rather than an external one
  • Touch Wiz UI not as “smooth” as HTC Touch Flo
  • Even though it comes with 800Mhz processor, there are times it felt laggy.

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  1. Impressive !

  2. Yeah… i liked the PDA too. Far better then HTC Touch Diamond 2.

    – Larger screen than TD2
    – More memory than TD2
    – Faster processor than TD2
    – More bundled (and useful) software than TD2
    – Arguably nicer UI than TD2
    – And most importantly, cheaper than TD2

    I wonder what will happen to TD2… will they drop price?

  3. Just bought the Omnia 2. But can you teach me how to go to call filter? Did not find this program…

  4. the call filter program is located in one of the tab in the Phonebook program. It is not located outside as a standalone application.

  5. How About The Ring Tone When Ringing .
    It Is sound lound and got the problem like 1st omnia not stabir?

  6. Vinn,

    Nope, the ringtone is very loud!

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  8. […] the comments section of a very detailed review of the Samsung Omnia 2 he has published on his blog, freshgear.wordpress.com. I count about 40 screen shots, 5 YouTube videos showing the various applications in action and […]

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  11. Great Review

  12. Thanks for an excellent and comprehensive review. Full of info and great screen shots. Very well could be my next phone.

  13. Hi, its screen resolution is 1600k. not 65k

  14. Thanks for sharing the info … great stuff …

  15. Nice review!
    Just wondering on the initial screen is there a widget to show calender appointments? I have this on my Nokia N95 and it’s very useful.
    Thanks for the great review.

  16. […] one of the first Omnia II’s and did a pretty nice review of the device, which you can find here. Best thing is that they don’t waste their time talking about the front-end, but they delve […]

  17. Great review, thanks.

    You didn’t comment on how much RAM memory is available after a reboot, both with and without the TouchWiz UI. I have seen numbers as low 60MB, is this true?

    It is the only [potential] issue holding me back from buying the Omnia.

  18. This is a very good review. Detailed, with appropriate photos.

    Thanks! I just might buy this coz of you! (=

  19. I just got one and I love it! however I have been told it is not 3g in the US… Will it ever be?

  20. Love the Omnia II!

  21. I have played with my Omnia 2 until I have lost most
    of my MP3 songs. I have tried to locate them but without success. Could you help?

  22. can we set the ringtone for every contact? can download wallpaper, music etc other than the phone’s have?

  23. Steph,

    Yes, Yes and Yes… 🙂

  24. […] Bagi yang ingin tahu lebih banyak bisa juga baca salah satu review di freshgear […]

  25. I need this phone

  26. excellent review! I wish verizon would hurry up already…

  27. wow
    its very amazing
    Anybody know the price in chennai
    i want to purchase this

  28. I was wondering if like the iphone, this one is on the internet all the time? i’d buy this on pay as you go as i like my sim only contract, but i wouldnt want to pay for the internet everyday. so does it just go on the internet when you ask it to?

  29. laura,

    Yes, it will go on the Internet whenever you click on the check mail button, link or something which access the internet. However, you can always disable it with a simple software installation.

  30. excellent product, with lots of wow factor. particularly like the ability to carry photos around in high-res and the access to internet info anywhere there’s a hotspot, without paying big bucks for an iphone data plan.

  31. hi,
    thnx for useful info,
    I need to how to change incoming call screen up the whole screen in Samsung Omnia II i8000,I cant change it,it is only at the bottom of the screen and picture is too small pls helpppp

  32. ion,

    You need 3rd party apps for this. try S2U2, they have an option to have a full screen caller ID.

  33. I have just bought the ii 8 gt. got a problem with the volume it takes a while to ring and then it starts very low and a delay with in between each ring, which is resulting in missed calls. it is on volume 5. i don’t find it loud enough, is there anything to do on this.

  34. i was actually planning to pick the blackberry storm first but it has lot’s of negative reviews so I drop the idea. Lot’s of people already has iphones so I also drop the idea of having one.

    my dad bought me samsung omnia gt i8000 8gb. I love it and each time I explore my phone, it’s giving me a better impression. A phone where i can do everything. It satisfies my need – the camera, the sounds’ quality, the video, different apps the amoled screen. What else could you ask for? Even iphone 3G-S can’t beat this phone.

    And one more thing it’s easy to use. As long as you’re a techy person. It would not cause you any trouble operating it. 🙂

  35. by the way, i got the latest windows mobile 6.5 edition. it’s really awesome.. 😀

  36. Dear Dorothy
    I have samae problem
    when it rings it has a delay to rings alaoud enough
    and it will be missed call sometimes

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  38. does it has video call function?

  39. Thanks for that detailed review. I’m on the verge of buying this, but want to make sure it can be put on a docking station and/or plugged into speakers, for listening to music. Also, is it as easy to buy songs/albums for the music player, as it is on the IPhone? I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks 🙂

  40. I have a major problem with the mobile . A number of unwarrented SMSs go from my mobile as Iam about to pick up the mobile from the pocket as the auto rejectand sms option tends to be activated. Does anyone know how this can be rectified/ deactivated?

  41. good review. like our new omnia. it’s a great unlocked gsm phones. faster processor, better email and browser for my business. got my last few for me and my coworkers and we love them. the apps keep us busy and the games keep us busy when were chillin. great unlocked phones for the gps really helps us get around. camera and recorder are great for my family can check out all the family moments when i come home every week. my daughter likes hers for the facebook and apps she is on it like all day. much better than the unlocked blackberry phones we used to have. touch screen is responsive and texting is easy for a touch screen. it’s practical and feels good against my face. got our last couple unlocked mobile phones at gsmallover.com and we love them. 2 thumbs way up

  42. Fine piece of technology. Eats iphone for beakfast. Bought a 2GB version 2 weeks ago and yet to fully explore all its functions. I would prefer this phone to I9000 Galaxy S any day because of its WM OS Office Apps base.

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