Review: Acer Tempo X960 PDA

July 10, 2009

Acer Logo

Available Date: Early May 2009

Launch Price: RM1,799

Fresh Gear rating: 6/10


  • Samsung S3C 6400 mobile processor 533 MHz
  • 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
  • GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 / GSM 850
  • 106.4 x 59.0 x 13.7 mm
  • 131 g (with battery)
  • 3.2MP Camera with Auto-focus & Flash
  • Hi-Res screen (640 X 480)

Unboxing the Acer Tempo X960

Acer X960 Box

Acer X960 Box

Acer Tempo X960 - Content

Acer Tempo X960 - Content

Inside the box comes with the following accessories.

  • Travel adapter
  • USB Sync Cable
  • Handsfree headset
  • Manual + Installation CD
  • Screen Protector

What’s missing from the content is a pouch/case.

First Impression

Acer X960 3G Camera

Acer X960 3G Camera

The Acer X960 scores high on the specification department and the build is pretty solid. For RM1,799 this is basically the most value buy PDA currently in the market. The size is ideal and feels pretty comfortable in a normal slack pocket.

Acer Tempo X960 - D Pad

Acer Tempo X960 - D Pad

There is quite a lot of button on this PDA. Besides the usual Call, Hang-up, Power and Volume button, there are also a “Satellite”, “Home”, “Camera” and a “Voice Recording” button.

Acer Tempo X960 - Top side

Acer Tempo X960 - Top side

Is it necessary to have such huge “GPS” word on the top of the PDA?

Acer Tempo X960 - Left side

Acer Tempo X960 - Left side

Left side you will find a lanyard slot, “+” and “-” Volume button, Reset hole and a “Voice Recording” button.

Acer Tempo X960 - Right Side

Acer Tempo X960 - Right Side

Right side you will find the “Power”, hot-swappable MicroSD memory slot and “Camera” button.

Acer Tempo X960 - Camera Button

Acer Tempo X960 - Camera Button

The camera button on the PDA sits slightly bulged. I can only assume it makes it easier to press on the camera button while taking pictures. But personally, I find it pretty irritating because I keep accidentally pressing it while holding the PDA.

Acer Tempo X960 - Back

Acer Tempo X960 - Back

The back cover of the X960 is made/covered with a kind of rubbery material. This makes it not a finger print magnet, which is good!

Acer Tempo X960 - Rear Camera

Acer Tempo X960 - Rear Camera

Behind the PDA is a 3.2MP Auto-focus camera with flash, self-portrait reflector and two speakers.

Acer Tempo X960 - Battery & Stylus

Acer Tempo X960 - Battery & Stylus

Acer Tempo X960 - Memory Slot

Acer Tempo X960 - Memory Slot

Using the Acer Tempo X960

On the outside, the Acer Tempo X960 looks like any regular PDA but once you turn that thing on, there is where the “regular” ends. Acer comes installed with their very own User Interface much like how HTC’s Touch Flor 3D. Acer calls it the “Acer Shell“.

Acer X960 Screen - Main ScreenAcer X960 Screen - Desktop 1Acer X960 Screen - Desktop 2

Each of the “Item” on the virtual desktop represent a function and it can be re-arranged. For a while, it kept me busy “poking” around the virtual desktop trying to find if there are any “hidden” function. There aren’t any anyway..

At the Virtual Desktop, flick up and you will get a list of programs/quick access like the one below.

Acer X960 Screen - Quick LookAcer X960 Screen - Acer Shell

Tapping on the “Window” on the Virtual Desktop gets you this.

Acer X960 Screen - TimeAcer X960 Screen - Time 1

Tapping on the CD cover/player gets you this gorgeous looking media interface.

Acer X960 Screen - Music 1Acer X960 Screen - Music 2

Acer X960 Screen - Music 3Acer X960 Screen - Music 4

Another new feature I found on the Acer is the “BLOG” function on the Picture & Videos Program.

Acer X960 Screen - Blog 1Acer X960 Screen - Blog 2

Not too sure if it is by Acer or there is a new version of Windows Mobile. Anyone knows, perhaps you could share. To use the blog function, you need to have either a Google Account or WordPress Account.

Acer X960 Screen - Blog 3Acer X960 Screen - Blog 4

Other than the obvious difference above, the interface looks and feel just like any regular Windows Mobile devices. You can view more screen shot of Acer X960 below.

More Screen Shots of Acer X960 (Click on Enlarge)

Acer X960 Screen - Quick DialAcer X960 Screen - Quick Access

Acer X960 Screen - ImagesAcer X960 Screen - Bookmark

Acer X960 Screen - Touch ControlAcer X960 Screen - Touch Control 1

Acer X960 Screen - Today SoftkeyAcer X960 Screen - Task Manager

Acer X960 Screen - System InfoAcer X960 Screen - Speed Dial

Acer X960 Screen - SIM ManagerAcer X960 Screen - Settings

Acer X960 Screen - Remove ProgramsAcer X960 Screen - Programs

Acer X960 Screen - Quick MenuAcer X960 Screen - Quick Launch

Acer X960 Screen - ProfileAcer X960 Screen - Power

Acer X960 Screen - NotificationAcer X960 Screen - Notification Manager

Acer X960 Screen - MicrophoneAcer X960 Screen - Email

Acer X960 Screen - Email-2Acer X960 Screen - Comm Manager

Acer X960 Screen - BacklightAcer X960 Screen - Backlight 1

Acer X960 Screen - Album 4Acer X960 Screen - Album 2



  • Nice and useful Acer Shell (Virtual Desktop)
  • Value buy, host of features for a reasonable price
  • Nice bright screen
  • Nice Blog feature in the “”Picture and Video” program.


  • Not as fast/responsive as I hoped for
  • Acer Shell not as polished as HTC Touch Flo.

Available at Fresh Gear Online Store. All major credit cards and Paypal accepted.

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  1. I think this review need photos sample from the phone,

  2. Encoreppc, thanks for your feedback! I will include those in next review 🙂

  3. looks good but i have one querry can it transfer data through bletooth

  4. You can already buy the unlocked version so cheap i seen it online for $350USD


  5. Hy!
    How can a do a hard reset on acer tempo x960?
    Many thanks! Send me an email please! (barany1963@gmail.com)

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