Review: Papago Z-820 GPS Navigation System

February 11, 2009


PAPAGO! Z820 Box

PAPAGO! Z820 Box

Price: RM999


  • Processor: Samsung Processor 2443/400 Mhz
  • GPS module: SiRF Star III
  • O/S: WinCE .NET 5.0
  • Screen Size: 4.3″ TFT LCD (Wide Screen)
  • Memory: 2GB NAND Flash
  • Battery Life: GPS Navigation – 5 Hours

Global Positioning System (GPS) is certainly not a new technology. It exist since WWII for war purposes and today is found in airline, shipping, trucking and now in normal home vehicle, handphone and PDA. Will not go explaining what is GPS since I have already done this before

Papago Z820 - Top view

Papago Z820 - Top view

Papago Z820 - Back View

Papago Z820 - Back View


Papago Z820 Content

Papago Z820 Content

It comes with quite a number of accessories.

  • Car Holder (rather sturdy but short)
  • Car charger
  • Pen Stylus (I wonder who will use this.)
  • Sync Cable
  • Manual + CD

What is missing is a travel adapter. 

Turning it on

Papago Z820 comes with a wide-screen bright LCD screen. 

Papago Z820 - Loading screen

Papago Z820 - Loading screen

Papago Z820 - Main Menu

Papago Z820 - Main Menu

Clicking on “Destination” icon shows the list of search options like Home, Office, Favorites, History, Roads, POI and Coordinate. The most common icon you will probably use is the “Road” icon.

Papago Z820 - Destination

Papago Z820 - Destination

Papago uses a ‘realtime’ search function whereby it will hide the alphabet or number not found in the database. Example, if you search for Jalan PJU 3/27, by the time you hit the letter “J” the only letter left for you to type is “U”. Get the idea?

Papago Z820 - Advance screen

Papago Z820 - Advance screen


So, what is so different between this Papago! Z-820 with all the other GPS units out there like Garmin, Altina, K-One and Holux currently sold in Malaysia?

The most significant and refreshing difference is the 3D feature. Other GPS model usually also boost about their 3D view but those are merely just offering viewing it at a different angle. Papago actually offers 3D buildings, junctions and landmarks!

Papago Z820 3D KLCC Building

Papago Z820 3D KLCC Building

Papago Z820 3D Junction

Papago Z820 3D Junction

This is extremely useful when you are unfamiliar with the surrounding and wanted to make sure you see a familiar landmark according to the GPS.

The other usual stuff…

Papago Z820 - GPS Navigation

Papago Z820 - GPS Navigation

There are 4 different views when you are being navigated by Papago. 

Papago Z820 - Different Navigation View

Papago Z820 - Different Navigation View

  • 3D Mode
  • 2D Mode
  • Text Mode 
  • Travel Computer

You can also view a simulation of the navigation on YouTube here.

There was also a write up in theStar newspaper on this GPS device.



  1. Very fast connection speed
  2. Support lots of languages (English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujian & Hakka!)
  3. 3D Building, Landmark and Junction view
  4. Built in 2GB Memory
  5. Track Log


  1. 3D Building are mostly around KL city centre area only
  2. Does not comes with Travel Adapter
  3. No charging indication on the unit itself (no blinking light)
  4. Does not play video/music.

You can also visit our online store to purchase if you are interested in this device. 

If you have more enquiries, please contact anyone of us.

Plaza Low Yat (Grd Floor, UG Floor and 2nd Floor)

  • Ji Hou @ 016-6379332

Digital Mall, Section 14 PJ (Grd Floor)

  • Kenny @ 012-2527718
  • Khuen Fatt @ 016-9975211

IOI Mall, Puchong (2nd Floor)

  • Allan Mah @ 016-2738693
  • Alan Sou @ 017-6450528

Digital Mall, USJ 19 Subang Jaya (Grd Floor and 1st Floor)

  • Kelvin @ 012-3332303
  • Johnny @ 012-9862417
  • Nicolas @ 017-3362472

Or simply email us at sales@freshgear.com.my

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  1. i should have one.

  2. How much is this retailing for?

  3. Daniel,

    It is retailing for RM999.00

  4. Does it have the map for East Malaysia & Brunei? Because I stay in Miri, Sarawak & sometimes I drive into Brunei & Sabah.

  5. Atuque,

    It contains map for east malaysia but not Brunei.

  6. how do u update d map?as d road will alwiz change from time to time..
    as for garmin,malsing map is there and updated quite frequently..

  7. nich,

    Updates of map are done on ad-hoc basis but mostly annually. They can be obtained from http://www.navitech.com.my for a nominal fee. Don’t really know how much.

  8. i already checked d website given..
    but d latest map they have was released on 17/02/2007..which was 2 years back..
    thats quite outdated i guess..

  9. I will try to get in touch with the vendor to find out more. Keep you posted 🙂

  10. we are professional for online advertising medium. As i have exposed your product thru Facebook advertising, i guess that your compnay is needed a good marketing system to promote your product. would like to introduce you the efficient way of marketing thru our company services, feel free to view our site or can email me back.

    Have a nice day!!

  11. where can i get one?

  12. nik,

    You can get it at any of our outlets at Low Yat Plaza, Digital Mall or IOI Mall. Alternaltively, you can visit our website at http://www.freshgear.com.my

  13. apparently the latest map update was dated back 2 yrs ago… can somehow pls clarify this before i make my purchase?

    are updates chargeable?

  14. To all,

    On behalf of Navitech S/B, I would like to say thank you to all who have purchased Papago Z-820. Our current update for the unit is dated 16/Mar/2009. A link will be provided for updating in our website. There is a Brunei map in the current version of our map.


  15. how often is the update? and how much is the payment to it? this would be my final question as i am very concern on the future feasibility of this device

  16. It is wonderful to see the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing

  17. Bought this and after two weeks gave up. It states your in one place, yet your miles away! Its bad.

    Bought a TomTom, fantastic

  18. Does it come with bluetooth hands free?

  19. Kevin,

    Nope… However, Garmin Nuvi 215W comes with Bluetooth Handsfree. RM1,099

  20. What about an Australian map?
    Is there one avaiable for this unit?
    Can this be used on a Mitac Mio P350 unit?

  21. Only Chineese maps.
    Not good enough

  22. GPS hasn’t been around since WWII.

    It only became fully operational in 1995. I was using it with a limited number of satellites & only a few hours coverage per day from 1989 onwards, with GPS receivers costing US$80,000!

  23. how can i update my papago gps?…plsss

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