Promotion: HTC Touch Diamond Trade-in Program

January 18, 2009

Date: 12th February 2009
Notice: This HTC Diamond Trade-in Promotion is over


Fresh Gear is running a Chinese New Year trade-in promotion for the HTC Touch Diamond. Mechanism is simple; just trade-in any phone or PDA and get an instant rebate of RM600 (or more) for your purchase of HTC Touch Diamond of RM2,799. So, if you have that old phone lying around doing nothing and wanted a new HTC Touch Diamond, get one before stocks run out!



Some of the common questions asked.

Q1: What if my trade-in phone is worth more than RM600?

A1: We will honor the higher value trade-in offer if your phone/PDA is worth more than RM600. 


Q2: Do you limit the phone/PDA that we trade-in?

A2: We accept all phones/PDA as long as they are in working condition.


Q3: Can the trade-in rebate be used on another PDA?

A3: Nope. This special RM600 rebate is only for HTC Touch Diamond. The price after rebate is RM2,199. You can choose either black or white color.


Q4: Is there anymore extra promotion on the HTC Touch Diamond?

A4: Nope, this special trade-in program comes only with the full box set and there is no other free gifts. However, we offer 0% installment plan for most of the major banks. Please contact anyone of us for enquires.


Q5: When is this great deal over?

A5: This PDA Trade-in fair is valid until 28th February 2009 or while stocks last, which ever comes first.


Q6: Where is this roadshow/fair?

A6: This is an in-store promotion. We are located at Plaza Low Yat, Digital Mall@Section 14, IOI Mall@Puchong, Digital Mall@USJ19 and AEON@Bukit Martajam. 


Q7: Can I trade-in 2 phones (each lesser value than RM600 in trade-in) and get the HTC Touch Diamond at RM1,599?

A7: No, we only accept one 2nd hand phone to one HTC Touch Diamond trade-in, whichever value is higher.


If you have more enquiries, please contact anyone of us.

Plaza Low Yat (Grd Floor, UG Floor and 2nd Floor)

  • Ji Hou @ 016-6379332
  • Wayne @ 012-9643688

Digital Mall, Section 14 PJ (Grd Floor)

  • Kenny @ 012-2527718
  • Khuen Fatt @ 016-9975211

IOI Mall, Puchong (2nd Floor)

  • Allan Mah @ 016-2738693
  • Alan Sou @ 017-6450528

Digital Mall, USJ 19 Subang Jaya (Grd Floor and 1st Floor)

  • Kelvin @ 012-3332303

Sunway Pyramid (1st Floor)

  • Johnny @ 012-9862417
  • Nicolas @ 017-3362472

Digital Bay, AEON Bukit Martajam (1st Floor)

  • Keith Sim @ 017-2934990

Or simply email us at sales@freshgear.com.my




  1. Err, do you accept phones worth less than 600? do we get myr 600 off if we trade in phones like nokia 3310. thanks.

  2. bacterium,

    Yes, for this trade-in program, we will accept your nokia 3310 at RM600! ofcourse, it has to be in working condition 🙂

    But for example you are trading in a Nokia E71 say worth RM1,000 your HTC Touch Diamond will then be RM2,799 – RM1,000 = RM1,799.

  3. […] Promotion: HTC Touch Diamond Trade-in Program Tags: 0% interest, 01 2009, 02 2009, handphone, mobile, rebate […]

  4. Hei,

    When do this promo starts? I called one of the above number and he says not yet start? Please advice.



  5. This promotion has already started.

  6. hey .if mine is sony erricson k750 ,thn how much the max rebate will be? reply ASAP

  7. hey .if mine is sony k750 ,thn how much the MAX rebate will be? reply ASAP! thx(=

  8. Fiona, I replied you via email already 😛 have a happy CNY!

  9. i would like to trade in HTC touch cruise.how much the rebate will be?

    thanks 😉

  10. hi,

    my phone is sony ericsson Z550i. wonder how much the rebate would be like? interested in htc touch diamond trade-in program. thanks!

  11. How much would the trade-in value be for a Nokia E70?

  12. would like to trade in my nokia N78(working condition) for this package. How much for the rebate? Thanks.

  13. If I have a working and good condition Sony G900, how much ca i get for trade in value?

  14. Dear Fared, Azeza, Courtney, Andrew and Bill,

    I have already emailed you respectively the trade-in value of your phones. Do drop me a mail if you did not get it.

    Thank you very much for your interest!!

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  15. How much trade-in for a Nokia N85 and a Nokia 6300?


  16. I would like to trade in my N73 phone how much would my rebate for the HTC Diamond phone…and what are the installments that are available?hope for ur reply soon.thank you.

  17. Adrian,

    We provide installment plan for most of the banks. Which credit card do you use?

  18. Kenneth,

    Well I use Citibank Credit Card…Which credit card provide the best installments??Thanks

  19. Adrian,

    We accept Citibank credit card up to 12months installment. All other cards also the same 🙂

  20. ok thanks for the info so I can just stop by on any of the outlets mentioned to trade in for this ofeer right??

  21. Adrian,

    Yes you can. But you have to let me know which outlet are you planning to go to as I might not have the Citibank Credit Card terminal there. (might need to transfer from another outlet). Also, do let me know when so that i can inform my colleague the trade-in price of your Nokia N73.

    Hope to you see you soon!

  22. Kenneth,

    Alrite…the outlet nearest I can go is at Low Yat Plaza.So the earliest I can be there maybe around next week.Maybe I would give you a call when i am going there.Thank you very much for your help.

  23. Hey Ken,

    You offering 0% interest free for Public Bank credit card? Do you guys charge the 3% charges for using credit card? Can rebate RM600 with my Nokia 1200 and then pay the remaining with credit card?
    Pls reply to my mail 😛 lazy to come here to check out your reply. Thanks alot man.

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