News: How to check if your HTC is Authorized Set?

December 24, 2008

AP phones (more populary known as “water set” or 水机) are units which are imported into the country without proper permit/distribution channels. These units usually do not go through proper channels and thus avoid paying taxes and testing like SIRIM. AP phones are very popular among famous brands like Nokia or SonyEricsson. However, of late with the growing demand for PDA phones like HTC, AP version of HTC is also flooding the market. Given that PDA phones are generally more expensive makes it even more attractive for some consumers to consider.

To curb or minimize the AP problems, principal brands generally do not honor warranty claims not sold in the respective country. So, if you bought an AP unit of HTC and your touch screen have problem, you will have to where to turn to!

You are always strongly advised to purchase an authorized set. Yes it cost slightly more but warranty has it premium. We even know of some retailers cheating customers by claiming their units are a genuine authorized unit and making a huge profit out of it!!

So, how do you know if you are buying an authorized unit?

  1. Check the HTC website for the local list of authorized reseller.
  2. Check the authorized distributor website with the IMEI number of your HTC PDA.

Today, SIS Distribution (M) Sdn. Bhd. (the sole distributor of HTC products) launched an online search for all the HTC PDA sold as authorized unit in Malaysia. It is simple to use, just key-in the IMEI number in the search engine and you will know if it is AP or authorized unit.

Go ahead and try it out.


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