Review: HTC Viva (T2223)

November 4, 2008


Available Date: End October 2008

Launch Price: RM1,299

Fresh Gear rating: 7/10



  • TI’s OMAP™ 850, 201 MHz
  • Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Dimension: 104.5 mm X 59 mm X 15.75 mm
  • Weight: 110g with battery
  • ROM: 256MB  RAM: 128MB (MicroSD Card Slot)
  • Bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP) + WiFi
  • 2MP Camera
  • Talk time: Up to 480 minute
  • Standby time: Up to 270 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh


HTC recently launched a low entry PDA targeting non 3G users. Costing only RM1,299 this value buy PDA is certainly within the budget of most PDA hunters.

Un-boxing the HTC Viva

img_1957 img_1958

As a low budget phone, HTC Viva only comes with the bare necessities.


  • AC Adapter
  • Sync Cable
  • Manual + CD
  • Screen Protector



Package content of HTC Viva

Unlike other HTC product, it does not comes with extra stylus, memory card, pouch or even a wired headset! So, HTC Viva buyers beware, you have to fork out extra to get a wired/wireless headset or else you cannot use this on the road.

First Impression

Looking at the HTC Viva for the first time did not give us the “WOW” factor. The shinning cover looks cheap but feels very solid. The design is very simple with only a 5 way keypad with a tiny call and hang up button at the front. The cover is shinny grey with gold dust like finishing.


Overall design and specification looks pretty similar to HTC Touch.


5 way Navigation Pad

5 way Navigation Pad


Ear Piece with light indicator

Ear Piece with light indicator

2.0 MP Camera

2.0 MP Camera

Volume / Up Down Control

Volume / Up Down Control

Mini USB Connector

Mini USB Connector

On Off Button

On Off Button

Opening up the cover for the first time will reveal the battery already placed inside the PDA. However, there is a small plastic sheet which prevents the battery connecting with the PDA.


Battery inside PDA

Battery inside PDA


SIM card + Memory Card Slot

SIM card + Memory Card Slot

Camera + Reset Button

Camera + Reset Button


Using the HTC Viva

When using the HTC Viva, we realized the responsiveness. The TouchFLO is very very smooth, quick and nimble. Although the processor is only 200MHz, at times we feel that the HTC Viva is even smoother than HTC Touch Pro with 528MHz processor!


HTC Viva Main Screen

HTC Viva Main Screen



The HTC Viva is very closely related to HTC Touch P3452. Therefore, it is only natural that a lot of our customer ask us which is a better PDA. Below are some comparison between the 2 and you can decide for yourself.

1. Old and New

HTC Touch P3452 is already in the market for more than 2 years if you count the previous HTC Touch (P3450). It is pretty much the first and also the most sought after HTC Touch series PDA Phone. 

2. Windows Mobile OS

HTC Touch P3452 uses Windows Mobile 6.0 while HTC Viva uses Windows Mobile 6.1. The main difference between the 2 OSes is security and threaded SMS. Extremely useful and fun feature long missing in PDA phones.


Windows Mobile 6.1

Windows Mobile 6.1

3. Look and feel

Without a doubt, HTC Touch P3452 feels more classy with its rubber like finish. It also spots a flat touch screen where most of the PDA are moving towards. However, our review shows that the HTC Viva is very smooth and does not feel lag compared to HTC Touch P3452. 

4. Specification

The HTC Viva specification is slightly better than HTC Touch. It comes with Bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP) and it is now Quad-band. Other than that, all processor, memory, camera and battery capacity is the same is HTC Touch P3452.

5. Price

HTC Viva is few hundred ringgit cheaper compared to HTC Touch P3452.

We would recommend our customer to go for the HTC Viva as it is newer, better OS, updated TouchFLO, slightly better feature and cheaper too.

Screen shots

img_1982 img_1983 img_1984

img_1985 img_1986 img_1987

img_1988 Windows Mobile 6.1 img_1991

img_1992 img_1993 img_1994

Sample Camera shots

Click on image to enlarge.

image_002 image_005

image_003 image_006


This phone is like the Air Asia of the PDA. Being low budget, HTC threw out a lot of the “un-necessary” accessories. Pack the content tighter and made the box even smaller. Sometimes it might not be a good thing as essential items like wired headset are not included. Even the battery is stored into the unit itself to save space. Do not worry as there is a plastic sheet to prevent electrical contact of the phone and battery.


  • Value for money
  • Very smooth Touch Flo
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Solid built quality
  • Touch screen is very ‘light’. Do not require much force/pressure. 


  • Lack of essential accessory like wired headset
  • Memory card is not hot-swappable
  • No auto-focus feature

To purchase this phone, click here

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  1. I wud Like to know about the sms feature whether it is more convinient in writing with fingers or we’ve to use stylus as in the previos htc touch.

  2. Saahil,

    if you prefer finger typing rather than using a stylus, then i think you are better off using a PDA with keyboard. It would be much much easier!

    However, with the on-screen HTC full keyboard, it is still quite possible to use finger to type. Unlike the standard windows on-screen keyboard, the keys are too small to type on using a finger.

  3. s it possible to use spb mobile shell on htc viva

  4. Ram,

    Yes. You just have to disable the touch flo.

  5. Thanks a lot kenneth..Also, would like to know wat wl happen if i do a soft reset..wil it jus delete the program i installed..cos i had installed google maps appl but its not respondin , i even tried to remove the prog..but everytime i use d screen freezes..if i don use d mob s abosolutely fine..any way i can remove d program?

  6. if you do a soft reset, the program will still be there. If the “remove program” function is not working, you can ultimately try to do a “hard reset”. Please note that this will remove ALL your programs/data and reset the unit back to “factory default” setting. Please do a backup of your data first before attempting a hard reset to avoid any data loss later.

  7. In Blackberry I can configure E-Mail Ids………
    the same thing can we doit with VIVA?

    I am asking because I had Imate Jaq wid me & on that phone it was not possible.

  8. Mrinmay,

    Yes, you can configure Email on your Viva.

  9. HI



  10. hello..
    i am using windows Xp and i`m nt able to connect HTC viva(T 2223)to my pc. i installed Microsoft Active Sycn 4.5,after installing its saying device not found. Can any one please help me in solving my problem.

  11. im getting hang problem with this will give me any idea to solve it

  12. hi this is malik nazir i would like to inform you that htc t222 mobile is very nice and all program i like too much and if you can sent me fm radio software please us

    thanks for your services

  13. i want to know, is this viva available built in gps?

  14. nope

  15. hello….i want to buy a htc phone…i can’t decide between htc smart and htc touch viva..i think i want windows..

  16. I need online T2223 operating manuals (I lost the original)

    Are there any, anywhere on line?

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