Review: U Mobile Sou (Dual SIM Phone)

October 23, 2008


Normal SRP price is RM988

U Mobile Phone Subsidy Program

  • U38 = RM760 (12 months contract)
  • U68 = RM700 (12 months contract)
  • U98 = RM510 (18 months contract)

U Mobile Sou is an exclusive phone sold under the U Mobile brand name. From the packaging to the manual and to the phone, U Mobile’s logo is prominently displayed. According to U Mobile’s official, “Sou” means “Dual” or “Double” which translate to this phone having Dual SIM capabilities.



Un-Boxing of the U Mobile Sou

The U Mobile Sou comes with alot of items inside the packaging.

  1. The U Mobile Sou Handset + Back cover
  2. 2 batteries (880mAh and 1010mAh)
  3. AC adapter
  4. Handsfree Kit
  5. USB Cable
  6. Car Charger
  7. Installation CD
  8. Manual
  9. Warranty Card

First Impression

The finishing of the phone (front) is pretty nice with steel-like surface. The back cover however feels plastic and flimsy. The U Mobile Logo can be seen at the front and back of the phone. Upon close inspection, we noticed all the accessories, CD, Manuals are labelled with “Sou” or “U Mobile” logo. Alot of effort was put into branding this phone.

We were very surprise to find 2 batteries and even a car charger in the box. This immediately gave us the impression of “Value for money”. Althought this might be branded as “China Phone” to some, the built quality certainly isn’t.


The video call camera is located at the top right corner like most phone.


The keypad of the phone requires some getting used to. Example, the number “0” is located at the right side instead of at the bottom of the keypad. There is also 2 “Dial” keypad catering for the 2 different SIM card. A very essential feature for a Dual-SIM phone.

At the top of the phone is the lanyard connector and the handsfree jack and the bottom is the phone cover release button.


The left side of the phone consists of Up/Down Button, Charger/Sync Connector and ON/OFF Button. The right side consists of Camera Button and the MicroSD Memory slot.


The front and back of the phone in full view.



  • Support Dual – SIM
  • Network Support: UMTS 2100/GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Weight: 100g
  • Display: TFT 16 Million Colours
  • Screen: 2.2″ QVGA
  • Memory: Flash 128MB + RAM 64MB
  • Memory Card: MicroSD support up to 4GB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Ver 2.0, A2DP, Mini USB
  • Camera: 2.0MP with 6X Digital Zoom & 0.3MP front camera
  • Browser: HTML, xHTML
  • FM Radio

Using the Phone

Pressing the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds and the phone spring to life. Immediately you will be greeted by a U Mobile Logo in white background.

This phone is pretty easy to use with a pretty nice menu to play with. The main screen display the time, notification and other handy information.

Press the Centre Button to go to Main Menu.

From the main menu, you can access host of other features and functions.





There is no need to manually setup any network settings as all the major network provider settings can be found in the menu. The camera takes decent pictures under bright sun light but suffers under low light condition.

Click on the image below to view pictures taken using the U Mobile Sou.




  1. Comes with loads of accessories like extra battery and car charger
  2. Dual-SIM is very handy
  3. One of the cheapest 3G Dual SIM phone
  4. Decent looking camera
  5. Loud speaker with vibration


  1. Browing Internet is almost hopeless
  2. Removing the battery cover requires some getting use to
  3. Does not sync with Microsoft Outlook
  4. Can’t seems to setup IMAP email on the phone

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  1. Hey, I did not know that U Mobile has an OEM phone.

    Wow, such a good review. Will try to get one of these from U Mobile soon.

    Keep up the good work!! Nice blog.


  2. Menu looks like Sony Ericsson style.

  3. Scamboy: Thanks!! Do come back for more! 🙂

    Paul Tan: It sure does.. Tho not exactly the same but quite easy to navigate around too….

  4. If not mistake. This phone is look exactly like Verzio Duplii.

    May be only Umobile bring in to Malaysia Market.

    Nice one.

  5. May I know where to buy? My place is in PJ, also the price for only the phone, don’t need sim card.

  6. Christine,

    Usual price for RM999 but we are doing a promotion at only RM899 while stocks last at Digital Mall Section 14,PJ.

  7. hi.,

    is there any actual version, Verzio duplii in Malaysia?

  8. Not Verzio Duplii but here it is called UMObile SOU. Same phone, different name.

  9. how much the price right now?

  10. Special Promotion at RM899. 2 units left.

  11. hello KL/FG,u said that browsing internet is almost hopeless for this phone,what exactly do you mean?Slow or what?

  12. Ang, what i meant was the website rendering is poor. Meaning, website don’t display as what one should see like on the desktop. Making web browsing totally boring.

  13. this phone can be upgrade…?
    like insert some games or software?

  14. Zack, nope. Cannot install software

  15. can I buy this pone in georgia ?? or can I subscribe??

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