Review: HTC Touch Pro (T7272)

September 24, 2008

Launch Date: September 2008

Launch Price: RM3,099

Fresh Gear rating: 8/10

You can read all about the specification from here

From the outside

The very first impression when we first got the HTC Touch Pro is that it looks thick! Maybe it is because we were used to the slimness of the previous HTC Diamond and expected it to be as slim. It is as thick as the HTC Tytn II.

Comparison between Touch Diamond and Touch pro

Comparison between Touch Diamond and Touch pro

From the front, it look very identical to the HTC Touch Diamond. Only difference is that HTC Touch Pro is slightly curved at the corner.

Comparison between Touch Diamond and Touch pro

Comparison between Touch Diamond and Touch pro

From the back, there was a welcoming change to the back cover. HTC Touch Pro is no longer a finger print magnet like HTC Diamond. The back 3.2 MP camera now also comes with a built-in flash.

Touch Pro with Keyboard opened

Touch Pro with Keyboard opened

With a slight push, a full 5 row QWERTY keyboard is revealed. Key press is pretty responsive but it seems to miss out two “Select” button on the top row like the HTC Tytn II.

Basically, HTC Touch Pro caters for the serious messaging user who is more incline to use the keyboard than stylus.

The box of the HTC Touch Pro is exactly the same as the HTC Touch Diamond. Inside the box which shaped like a pyramid but with it’s top cut off contains the following.

  • A/C Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Software CD
  • Screen Protector
  • Slip-in case
  • 2pcs stylus
  • 1pc battery (1340mAH)
  • SIS Warranty Card

From the Inside

The interface is very much the same as the HTC Diamond as well. However, having used the HTC Diamond before, this certainly feels much zippy. The interface; HTC TouchFlo 3D although looks the same but feels much faster and smoother.

Just like the HTC Diamond, the Messaging (SMS) function now comes with threaded SMS in the Windows Mobile 6.1. Another difference is HTC Touch Pro now comes with a G-sensor calibration screen.

The HTC Music player looks pretty similiar to the Apple’s cover flow.

Click on the above thumbnail to view the actual photo taken using the HTC Touch Pro


HTC has come up with yet another winning formula for a smartphone. It has everything a person could have wished for. We loved the bright sharp screen which was previously reserved only for the high end PDA models. Keyboard feels very solid and keypress feels very tactile.

Hopefully HTC will come out with “HTC Touch Pro II” which is half the size (and price) soon!

– Pretty good camera with flash (For night shots, get a proper camera)
– Significantly longer battery life (1340mAH, 48.8% more than HTC Diamond!!)
– No more finger print magnet for the back cover
– Excellent VGA Hi-Res Screen
– An all-in-one device (HSDPA, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Hi-Res Screen, Keyboard, Fast processor and decent internet memory. What more can you ask for??)
– Feels thick

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  1. how many cameras doues the htc touch pro t7272 have?

  2. Michelle,

    The HTC Touch Pro comes with 2 camera, front and back.

  3. plz any body tells me what is the different between this version pro t7272
    and the ordinary one htc pro
    is there any sim card limitations?
    iam from egypt and wanna know if i can use it here or not?

  4. Amr,

    The full “name” of this device is HTC Touch Pro (T7272). There is no difference between the 2 devices you mention.

    If Egypt is using GSM network, it can be used there.

  5. Does the sprint version of HTC come with two cameras as well?

  6. JT, yes the Sprint version should comes with 2 cameras as well.

  7. I have the htc touch pro (t7272) are not the icons below the bar of the phone or schedule or move large photos as they say it’s another version and just makes the htc touch diamond?

  8. I can not send photos music and other thinks to other devices with my bluethooth can you help mi pleace

    Tengo un problema que no puedo enviar nada por medio del bluethooth podrian ayudarme por favor enviando el prosedimiento a mi correo

  9. i have a htc pro t7272 that got a virus, the phone is switching windows and turning of the phone’ volum by itself. when switch off and on, the phone will appear colours on the screen. what should i do.

    thanks for concern
    franck boillot

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