News: Fresh Gear Facebook Page is up and running!

March 27, 2008


Dear friends,

Fresh Gear’s Facebook page is up and running. With this new page on Facebook, we hope to create a small Fresh Gear Club!

The page is dedicated to people who just can’t live without gadgets. This new page hopes to gather like minded people like you to join in as fan.


If you …

1. Check to see if there is internet connection in hotel before you travel..

2. Becomes lost and bored when the internet connection is down…

3 . Will make a turn back to take your PDA/phone if you left it at home but will not do the same with driving license…

4. Have a bookmark of CNET, Mobile88, MyPDAcafe or even Fresh Gear website somewhere in your browser…

5. Will flip directly to electronic / technology section in a credit card reward program booklet to see even though you do not have enough bonus points …

6. Have difficulty choosing between a latest PDA phone and a short holiday trip…

7. Will leave your wife/girlfriend (or maybe husband/boy friend) shopping for something else when you visit the nearest IT centre / electronic centre…

8. Without fail been to the last 3 PC Fair in KL…

9. Bring your phone/PDA/laptop along in your home toilet…

10. Subscribe to anyone of the the service provider’s unlimited data plan for internet access…


If you answer “Yes” to any one of the above or more, We love to know you! 🙂 Come join us in Facebook to share your love and passion for gadgets!

If you are interested to contribute to the articles in our Fresh Gear Blog or Fresh Gear Facebook, let us know too!

With lots of Love,

FG Logo

p/s: Its not all about business, its about making friends also.


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