Updates: Mail for Exchange Ver 2.3

March 22, 2008

Mail for Exchange, Nokia’s enterprise. push email solution based on Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol, has yet again received an upgrade. The most recent version is Mail for Exchange 2.3.

It is quite impressive to see the frequency of Nokia updates Mail for Exchange. It seems as if a new version is available every other month or so. Considering the fact that the solution is free I am amazed by the constant updates. Sure, not all the updates are major but I rather have many, incremental updates and tweaks rather than wait a year for some big, bundled update.

Download the latest version here.

Mail for Exchange 2.3

Anyway, the new version includes one fix/new feature:

When trying to synchronize with a server that has an expired certificate, the user is now given the choice of continuing the synchronization. Previously, the scenario resulted in an error and the synchronization was stopped. (From the Release Notes)

If you don’t have a Microsoft Exchange account but still want to try out the Mail for Exchange and a push email based solution I suggest you sign up for a free Exchange account with Mail2Web. They offer a great, free service.

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